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Watch Horror Movies For Free on TheMoviesFlix

by ahtisham

We watch movies to find emotional responses. The horror films on themoviesflix aim to arouse fear, their high-profile family includes shock, alarm, irritability, panic, confusion, panic, fear, and panic. Whether a horror movie is good or bad depends on what the person says.

Psycho (1960)

Originally Robert Bloch’s book was later translated into the mirror by Joseph Stefano. And best known for directing the dead. Alfred Hitchcock the Great, is a horror film on the moviesflix that shocked America and set the stage for many of the next horror films. We have a murderous killer who wears a turban to imitate his Mother. Now we have a beautiful heroine who, surprisingly, died a third of the way; we see a blood-soaked bathroom that greatly surprised the previous audience, who were not accustomed to seeing toilets on cinema screens. But none of these photographs really scare us about Psycho. Because the mind is to explore madness, a place where – God forbids it – any of us can go one day.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A group of people are clinging to a farmhouse and have to fight the hungry onslaught of an oncoming zombie army. What makes it so scary? To be honest, I think it was easy. We have one farm surrounded by the dead and there is no explanation for why the dead are raised, other than the hotline “when there is no more hell, the dead will go to earth”. We have Zombies focused on one thing: organic food; and the living is attracted to one goal: to avoid being a zombie dinner! Even the film in the moviesflix stocks is simple: black and white grains. Sometimes, perhaps when the camera is moving and the noise is loud, as we watch dead zombies split up and chew on their recently dead neighbors, we get a clear idea of ​​the making of the film. Making it easy can be scary.

Frankenstein’s bride (1935)

A film that proves its sequence can surpass the original. The main point in both Frankenstein films in movieflix is that one should not play God because there will be terrible consequences; indeed, even the Monster knows that its existence is an abomination. What makes the Bride better than Frankenstein? I would say that both Whale and Karloff used their true knowledge to improve their performance.

Halloween (1978)

On Halloween we see a confused killer flee to a shelter and return to his hometown where he kills local youth. The film in movies flix in begins with the scene of Michael, a young boy who kills his sister with a kitchen knife. This sets the shocking and unexpected tone throughout the movie Michael is a simple, yet effective, deadly jaw-like machine. The strangest thing about him is his God-given ability to survive, but – as they say – you can’t kill a deceiver!

Exorcist (1973)

The best word to describe The Exorcist? It’s shocking. A girl is being attacked by a bad organization and her mother asks two priests to help her. Watching this movie on movie flix pro you get a clear idea that what you are seeing is real. The audience is forced to believe in the Devil and his demons. The Exorcist also leaves you with a persistent feeling of discomfort, when you find yourself believing too much in the devil, an evil creature that can never be measured.

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