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Is it possible to shoot short films with an iPhone? Read here

by Liana1999

With an iOS smartphone, you can capture almost any type of video. But it’s ideal to make the movie brief and uncomplicated if you’re going to shoot and edit it on your phone. A lengthy, sophisticated movie can be challenging to watch on a phone or tablet. You can create the best short films and then upload them on the internet and everyone can watch movies and tv for free.

If you can, edit on a computer.

On an iPad or iPhone, you can both shoot and edit. Alternatively, if you need to edit while out in the field, you can shoot with an iPhone and edit on an iPad. But compared to mobile apps, computer editing software has considerably more capabilities. The desktop version of iMovie is significantly more customizable than the iOS version, so if you have a Mac, it’s a no-brainer.

You’ll require a lot of light.

Tiny sensors are used in phone cameras. They struggle with dim lighting and high contrast. So make an effort to film in areas with plenty of light and low contrast. To lessen contrast, shoot away from the light or with reflectors. Put your phone in a case and install a small light on it if you have to shoot in low light.

Make the sound good.

The small microphones on mobile devices are another major issue. For better audio, there are three major options: forgo live sound, go up close to maximize the built-in mic, or utilize an external microphone.

  • Making a movie without live sound is the simplest choice; just add a voiceover when editing, or make a digital story where you edit photos to a soundtrack that has already been recorded.
  • Get close if you must record using the built-in microphone.
  • Use a reasonably priced lavalier microphone or attach a cordless or directional mic to the casing of your phone.

Maintain the calm.

Shaky video looks bad, and holding a phone steadily in horizontal (‘landscape’) mode is challenging. Use a straightforward clamp, such as the Joby M-Pod, or a sturdy one, such as the Shoulderpod. learn to steadily hold your phone (rest your upper arms against your body and try to be relaxed). An electronic stabilizer, if you can afford it, will make a significant impact.

Creating your video or movie.

Making a movie on an iPhone is similar to making any other form of movie. You must carefully prepare it, take multiple pictures, pay attention to sound, and consider your audience.

Prepare a film.

Think about why you’re making the film and what you want to say. Describe your concept in a tweet if you can. If not, you must put in more effort.

You may create a mindmap as the basis for your planning, followed by a short list, a storyboard, or even a script. Make sure you take enough pictures to convey your message.

Prepare to shoot.

To choose your recording quality, look in Settings. Despite the fact that my iPhone 6S can shoot in 4K, I often shoot in 1080p HD. But when I need to crop an image without sacrificing quality, I utilize 4K.

To cut down on interruptions, switch your phone to Airplane mode.

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