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Excavator Or Bulldozer: What to choose for Clearing a site?

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In the construction industry, heavy equipment is often used for the most challenging tasks to maximize productivity and lessen time. Along with other machines, excavators and bulldozers are the heavy equipment used in the construction industry for different purposes. They are not much expensive compared to other heavy equipment, so the contractors easily afford and have them in their inventory.

Although both machines are excellent at performing different functions, it isn’t very clear to choose the best one for the required task. While you are supposed to clear a construction site, you will look for a bulldozer or a used track excavator. But choosing the best one is a little challenging.

Here in this article, we’ll try to solve your problem by guiding you on what to choose for the site clearance.

If a land has a lot of fallen trees, debris, or small shrubs, then the John Deere excavator for sale will be the best choice to clear the ground, whereas a bulldozer works best in removing the standing trees other larger debris. In short, you can use a bulldozer to knock the standing debris down and then use an excavator to remove them all.

If you have only one machine available among the excavator and bulldozer for the site clearance, then consider the possibilities, as they can work best if used wisely.

Pros of Using a Bulldozer

  • It has more pushing power compared to the excavator. You can quickly move the largest debris. Bulldozers can very easily remove and unroot the big trees.
  • If you want to remove the tree from the root, you can easily dig down the stump, whereas the blades are an additional attachment that has to be purchased separately.
  • By attaching another attachment, you can easily reshape the uneven land.
  • Bulldozers help in filling the ditches very quickly.

Pros of Using an Excavator

  • Excavator can move in all directions without changing its position, which helps in saving time and removing unwanted debris quickly.
  • It is more user-friendly and easier to operate. You can use it without having much experience. But it is always suggested to have proper training before giving a hand on the excavator to avoid any accident.
  • Excavator can also dig the ditches, but it can do it without any attachment. You can dip the shovel and pull it; all the debris will come out.
  • A stump splitter attachment can help you cut the trees into pieces in less time.

Cons of Using a Bulldozer and an Excavator

  • Bulldozers are not as good as excavators at digging the holes and ditches. The dozer will require an extra attachment to do so, while the excavator can do it without the help of any additional attachment.
  • Excavators are not good at unrooting the standing trees as they don’t have any power tools, while dozers are more powerful.
  • Dozers need to move back and forth to move the debris. Dozers required a little extra practice to operate more efficiently. Whereas the excavator is more user-friendly.
  • Buying an excavator is a little expensive compared to the dozer.


Using a bulldozer or a used tracked excavator to clear the construction site is common in the construction industry, whereas it is a little confusing to choose the best equipment for the task. The article carries all the necessary information about choosing the best one for the task. Before hanging on the equipment for your next construction task, give this article a thorough read, and you will get the pros and cons of using the excavator and bulldozer for the site clearing. In conclusion, a bulldozer is best for removing and unrooting the big trees. In contrast, a good excavator such as the John Deere excavator for sale is best for removing and moving the debris and digging the trenches without attachment.

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