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You Need to Know About Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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For parents, sending their children on an Airplane Canada can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. To alleviate some of that stress, Air Canada Flights has created an unaccompanied minor policy program to provide kids with the safest travel experience possible. While you should always keep your child safe by making sure they travel with another adult, the Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy program provides the peace of mind you need to focus on the important things like catching up on work or settling in for a long flight.

Why Is This Important?

Have you ever needed to travel with a child? It can be a difficult and stressful experience. Knowing how policies work can make it less so. There are strict rules surrounding flying with unaccompanied minors. For example, certain airlines require written permission from a minor’s parents or legal guardians before that minor is allowed to fly alone. Other Canada Airlines allow kids as young as five years old to fly on their own. Certain airlines also have specific requirements for children traveling alone, like carrying an identification card or obtaining a visa or passport in advance of travel. Since each airline has its own set of rules, knowing them ahead of time will help you prepare for your trip and avoid stressful surprises along the way!

How Do I Book an Unaccompanied Minor Seat?

Airlines typically only offer unaccompanied minor services on Air Canada International Flights. However, there are still some instances where a child will need to travel alone domestically, such as if he or she is traveling between states that don’t share a common carrier. At that point, you’ll have to contact your airline directly and request unaccompanied minor services (this can be done over email). Most airlines require that you purchase an adult ticket for your child (though at a discounted price) in order to use their unaccompanied minor service. Make sure you check with your airline before Air Canada Booking your flight—some carriers won’t offer these services if you haven’t purchased an adult ticket for every child traveling without a parent or guardian.

What If My Child Has Special Needs?

Before you consider flying with your child, do your research. Some airlines have special policies for children with disabilities or other special needs. For example, Delta has a medical care desk at most airports. If your child uses a wheelchair or is unable to walk without assistance, Southwest will provide you with priority boarding so you can board before other passengers who are required to deplane first as well as assistive devices such as wheelchairs and strollers. When Booking Flight Air Canada Travel for a child who has physical or mental disabilities, call ahead and find out what accommodations an airline can offer—some may even help pay for ground transportation if your final destination isn’t covered by public transit.

What Are My Risks If I Don’t Book an UMA Seat?

As a parent of a child under 12, my number one concern while flying is that he or she stays safe and doesn’t end up lost in an airport. An important question I’m often asked by my travel friends is, What exactly is Air Canada’s unaccompanied minor policy? (And no, it has nothing to do with their current ad campaign.) This policy allows children between five and 11 years old to fly alone as long as they meet certain age-related requirements. So here’s everything you need to know about Air Canada’s unaccompanied minor policy. *Please note that most Canadian airlines have similar policies, so use these tips for other Canadian airline companies such as WestJet and Porter as well!

When Can My Child Fly Without Me?

If your child is 17 or younger, he or she can fly unaccompanied on Canada Air Flights if you submit a written request at least 48 hours before departure. This request should include your child’s full name and itinerary, along with an explanation of why you cannot accompany him or her. Minors are not allowed to travel unless they have a signed letter from their parent/guardian authorizing travel and designating someone (or multiple people) to pick them up at their destination. If you do not indicate who will be picking up your child in writing, then we will not allow him or her to board without an escort.

Will He or She Have a Seat on the Air Canada Plane?

If you’re concerned about your child flying alone, there are a few additional measures you can take: First, it may be a good idea to have them get a passport. This way, even if they need assistance on one flight (say, through a layover), there’s another level of assurance that they’ll make it from Point A to Point B. Second, you can always try paying for them to fly Air Canada First Class or Air Canada Business Class and request an empty seat next to theirs. Third—and last—you could always wait until your child is 15 years old and book them as an adult passenger (this option does not apply for Air Canada International Flights).

Other Ways I Can Make Sure My Child Flies Safely.

While unaccompanied minors do not have designated seating, you can make arrangements for your child to sit with you or another guardian. If you’re traveling with a child who will be 18 years old during your trip and don’t want them sitting next to another adult, please let us know when Booking Flight Air Canada your ticket and we’ll keep an eye out for a seat nearby. You can also pay $10 USD per flight segment (for children under 13) or $50 USD per Air Canada International flight (for children aged 13-17) and have them checked in as a Young passenger. This provides additional benefits including pre-boarding priority, a dedicated Check-In Air Canada line and reserved seating at airport counters—ideal if your child is nervous about flying solo!

More Tips to Keep Your Child Safe While Flying.

Make sure your child is old enough before letting them fly alone. According to international guidelines, a child should be at least eight years old before they can be considered mature enough for air travel. Canadian airlines offer unaccompanied minor services for kids between five and 12 years of age, with most Canada Airlines restricting travel on certain routes and flights only. Check out your airline’s policy and only choose Air Canada Flights that meet their requirements. Most importantly, if you decide not to send a child alone for whatever reason, make sure you inform airport staff ahead of time so there are no surprises when it comes time to Check in Air Canada.

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