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Will a New Roof Help on My Energy Bill?

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Most people think of energy-efficient new roofs as a way to make homes cooler in the summer. Metal roofs reflect up to 90% of the sun’s energy, making them twice as reflective as the top asphalt shingles.

Can a metal roof keep your home warmer in winter?

Most U.S. households heat more than cool. So, can a metal roof keep your home warmer in winter? It can! Studies demonstrate that while metal and shingle roofs have identical surface temperatures on a chilly day, the airspace under a metal roof is 20 degrees warmer. Why? A metal roof and attic assembly loses less heat due to air apace, low-e surfaces, and the way metal roof systems release daytime heat, unlike shingles.

An energy-efficient roof saves energy costs.

Since air conditioning and heating absorb most of a home’s energy, it pays to pick an energy-efficient roof replacement. Let’s review some energy-efficient roofing options:

  • Metal roof
    Metal roofing is becoming more popular national wide. Metal is sturdy, weather-resistant, and requires less care than shingles. Properly coated metal roofs are reflective. How would that affect your electricity bill? Metal roof may save energy bills by 40%.
  • Shakes
    Wood shakes are an eco-friendly roofing choice. Wood originates from renewable plants. Wood insulates well. Cedar wood shakes are popular due to their positive characteristics. It’s slow to decay, pest-resistant, and helps manage moisture to reduce house humidity. That’s great for Southeast residents! Cedar shakes generally outlast asphalt shingles.
  • Slate/clay tiles
    Slate and clay tiles are also eco-friendly roofing materials. These tiles are robust, moisture-proof, and noncombustible. Slate and clay have better heat resistance and reflection than other roofing materials. This helps control roof temperatures and eliminate moisture. Summer cooling costs are reduced.
  • Pavers
    Concrete tiles provide benefits. They’re thicker than regular tiles yet lighter. Concrete tiles are durable, weather-resistant, and don’t retain heat.
  • Composites
    Want a synthetic option that outperforms wood or slate? Composite roofing is lightweight, strong, and moisture-resistant. DaVinci Roofscapes makes attractive slate and shake tiles from UV-stabilized virgin resins. Reflective and emissive, these Cool Roof materials are ENERGY STAR certified. DaVinci tiles have a 50-year guarantee, too.

Asphalt shingles
Really? Some modern shingle materials illustrate that regular asphalt shingles may be energy-efficient. Duration Premium COOL Shingles with reflecting granules reflect more solar energy, making them more energy-efficient. Duration Premium COOL Shingles with reflecting granules reflect more solar energy, making them more energy-efficient.

Roof ventilation matters.
Attic ventilation is another energy-saving roof component. Why should a roof breathe? A well-ventilated attic circulates air. Fresh air must enter while roof-heated air must depart through intake and exhaust vents. An effective ventilation system will increase your roof’s energy efficiency and longevity.

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Insulation is important
You know to insulate your attic, but don´t neglect the roof. Even if you currently have some insulation, installing more with your roof repair is definitely a smart option. Most houses are merely insulated to satisfy basic standards. Minimum insulation seldom maximizes energy efficiency. If you’re in NC or VA, Skywalker Roofing also installs blown insulation.

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Roof energy efficiency depends on the correct roofing materials, ventilation, and insulation. It’s also necessary to correctly install these materials. Watkins Roofing & Construction is the greatest Alabama roofing contractor.

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