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Wild Movie Facts Only an Inside Look Can Expose

by teamfilmio

Tinseltown is rich with personalities, dreams, imagination and grand ambitions, with an unending cavalcade of fantastic stories and interesting facts about movies to go along with them.

And a lot of what you see about Hollywood is what you get: the posters, the banners, the marquees, the interviews, the famous names, the faces you see everywhere and of course, the movie experience itself.

However, there’s a lot that a movie fan can’t see right away. It takes prying eyes and loose lips of insiders to bring out the wildest stories of all, usually well after a production’s end.

Even so, there’s a better way to get your fix of movie facts. To discover how to get the most up-to-date and insider info about a production as it’s unfolding, firsthand, keep reading.

For now, here are some of the most interesting film facts to enjoy. Try to guess these movies, characters and items before checking the relevant links!

Sounds, Not Just Sights

In what 2009 remake was the flushing of a Russian train’s toilet used as the sound of automatic doors opening?

What famous movie monster’s signature roar came from rubbing leather gloves on the strings of a musical instrument?

What specific dinosaur species’ roar in Jurassic Park is the sound of tortoises mating?

Film Art Inspired by Other Art

Which 2015 animated film’s art means to reflect a 1950s Broadway musical?

What famous artist’s work inspired sets in Inception?

Which famous painting did Uma Thurman represent in 1989’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen?

Regarding Some Prominent Props

Which director—one of the most popular movie directors in Hollywood—drew the sketch of a naked costar used in one of his most famous films?

Which hand-held item used in Pulp Fiction was already owned by the film’s director, Quentin Tarantino?

Which 2009 movie featured a bunch of 10,297 balloons, each individually crafted despite not really needing to be?

Did you answer any of the answers correctly? Although you probably didn’t notice it along the way—after all, it just seems natural—all of these interesting film facts came from sources reporting on what insiders said, not from the insiders themselves.

How We Usually Get Our Movie Facts

Most of us find information about movies and the creators, performers, and makers involved through staples such as Deadline, IMDb, Variety, Movie Insider, and entertainment sections in newspapers and magazines. More in-depth information about movies both already made and in production can be found on wikis and websites such as Fandom and Digital Spy.

Indeed, it can be fun to learn about your movie favorites in these conventional ways, and perhaps being so much on the outside helps movies keep their magic. But just imagine how much more of that magic, including interesting film facts, is known by those behind the screen than by those in front of it.

Navigating the Murky Math of Fans + Creators

For most fans, though, having that kind of close, real-time experience just isn’t possible. They’d usually have to find a social media site or website devoted to or run by fans.

However, in terms of actual interaction with those involved in the movie-making process, unless you happen to know someone influential, win a promotion, run into a film scene on the street, or book a Hollywood tour going around but not too deeply into an actual movie shoot, you can typically never get that greater, up-close thrill.

Looking at Both Sides of the Equation

Fans should also consider what creators have to face with the status quo because making connections isn’t really any easier for those engaged in the movie-making process, either.

Creators often want to connect with fans as much as fans want them to. However, they can understandably hesitate to engage with fans, considering how fans who go too far can damage the fan-creator relationship.

As for reaching the right audience, the established movie industry doesn’t really have a clear, consistent way to give fans what they want beyond inadequate test screenings and guessing from movies that have succeeded before. Such thinking leads to great films, including remakes and sequels, but it also results in a lot of really bad ones.

As far as finding the widest possible audience goes, the established movie industry hasn’t really helped those engaged in the movie-making process any more than they’ve helped their fans find the most engaging movies possible. In fact, the established movie industry loses money on 80% of releases while expecting to recoup these losses on a few big hits. This approach shortchanges fans, who deserve better than they’re getting for their passion and support.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if fans could interact directly and always constructively with film creators, and vice versa?

Actually, it’s not a matter of “if” any more—Film.io is already making such interaction possible.

Being Where the Ready, Set, Action Is

On Film.io’s innovative movie crowdfunding platform, fans and those involved in the movie-making process interact directly. In fact, social interaction is a significant part of what makes a movie project on the platform successful and appealing to investors.

That’s because social interaction, as well as fan ratings, evaluations based on a comprehensive set of substantive criteria, votes through the platform’s native FAN Token, and other factors culminate algorithmically in an innovative ‘Go Score’ that helps determine what movies are greenlit and ultimately funded toward financial and cinematic success.

Filmio is devoted to fans but is much more than a fansite. With Film.io, fans are a significant part of an ecosystem that also includes creators, makers and investors in an integrated, interactive network to ensure quality and accountability in the movie-making process.

Do you remember the fans who go too far previously mentioned? Well, they can’t last long on Film.io because fans who rate, evaluate and review movies have their own rating, evaluations, and reviews rated, evaluated and reviewed, too.

Not only are bad actors identified, but their influence is subject to poor reviews that keep them low in rankings, while the most active and accurately reviewing/rating fans end up being the most influential and rewarded by designations of honor.

As if that weren’t enough fan involvement, fans can show their passion for films and the movie-making process in many other ways, too, including purchasing tickets and subscriptions, donating to projects, and staking tokens for rights to stream content. What’s more, roles for fans can include advocate, influencer, curator and viewer, as well as evaluator, donator, reviewer, subscriber and staker.

A Decentralized Film Financing Platform That Lets Everyone Gain

Overall, Film.io is run in a decentralized way, meaning no kind of stakeholder has inordinate influence over another. The blockchain technology underlying Filmio’s platform suits this decentralization perfectly, and the immutability of transactions and information stored on the blockchain ensures the platform’s security and strength.

With Film.io, you won’t just be enjoying more stories about great movies before anyone else does—including ones incorporating strange film facts—but you’ll also be experiencing them in a much less hit-and-miss way than is typically done.

Indeed, you’ll be ensuring that fans like you get to govern and keep watching original, innovative and exciting films they really want to see and be more a part of them than ever before.

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