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Why Montessori Preschool is the Best Choice for your child?

by sahilkhan

You must have heard about Montessori preschools. Chances are if you are the parent of a 2-5-year-old, you definitely have. Montessori preschool are well known for their method of pedagogy and learning through experimentation and experience. It focuses more on activities and the kids’ growth rather than just traditional classroom learning.

There must be something about this method of teaching, right? Why else would Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon pledge $1 billion to fund low-income Montessori schools? Well, he himself was Montessori educated and look where he is now.

No, we definitely are not propagating any particular method of education but well, you ought to have the full knowledge of the system in which you want your child to be. Hence, let’s delve right into it.

What is the Montessori School of Education?

The Montessori Method of Education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori as a child-centered model of education which was a slight deviation from the traditional pedagogy. It was believed that when children are given to choose what they are to learn, they learn it better and faster. In the various activities scheduled throughout the day, teachers help each child individually instead of standing at the front. The method also promotes a non-traditional grading system to focus on the student’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development.

But is it the best method? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s check if Montessori Preschool are the right choice for your little one.

How can Montessori Preschools be beneficial?

Independent Learning Environment

If you are searching for the best international schools near you which is the right fit for your toddler, considering that you want them to be independent, well, the Montessori method won’t disappoint you. With a brightly lit classroom, the schools have been praised for their environment which encourages children to work, learn and develop at their own pace.

Social Interaction

Have you met children who answer your every question smartly while others take time to open up to you? Who is more fun to talk to? Of course, all children are cute and comfortable to talk to once they come at ease with you. But any Montessori training will fasten the process. Montessori schools help the students to grow socially, interact with their peers and elders and develop in them the skill of curiosity.

Inclusive of Specialties

Maria Montessori’s vision included an inclusive school for everyone; where children with special needs would get the same facilities and education as any other child. They are given full freedom to learn and grow at their own pace and with one teacher throughout three years for them, they are more comfortable with familiar faces.

Global Indian International School in Bangalore, with its branches in both Whitefield and Bannerghatta, has taken the philosophy of Maria Montessori and mixed it with modern learning to keep up with the contemporary world and come up with a new program named Global Montessori Program or GMP. The idea is to give a child the best of both worlds, keeping them at par with the modern world while also having them undergo one of the best methods of education in history.

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