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Why Does A Light Bulb Explode? Learn From The Experts

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Light bulbs can explode at any moment and burned-out lights can be a nuisance especially when you’re planning to perform something important in your home. However, what most homeowners don’t realize is that – exploding light bulbs can be an indication of a much more serious underlying issue and thus require cautious attention. 

To help you know more about light bulb explosions, we’re listing out some of the primary reasons that you should be wary of. By knowing the reasons, you can take proper steps beforehand. 

Top Reasons Why Light Bulbs Explode

No Proper Insulation At The Bulb Base

According to Nelson electrical services, there will be times when light bulb manufacturers will not use enough insulation at the light bulb base. If there’s a lack of insulation at the light bulb base, then the metal base will start melting. And when the base of the bulb will melt, the gas that’s stored inside the bulb will start leaking out. The leaking gas will cause a significant pressure imbalance, resulting in the exploding of the light bulb. This happens commonly when the voltage constantly fluctuates and hence ending it exploding.

Light Bulb Socket Has Loose Connection

A loose connection between the socket and the bulb can also be a major reason why a light bulb can explode. so it is better to check first if the connection is loose somewhere. This is because a loose connection will cause the electricity to fluctuate across that bulb contacts instead of flowing directly through it. Such a process can lead to the overheating of the bulb base, which can cause the bulb to explode or blow. 

The solution to the above-mentioned problem is pretty simple – tighten the bulbs inside their sockets until they’re properly fit. 

Light Bulb Wattage Isn’t Correct

You might be unaware that light fixtures are designed to work within specific wattage limits. So, when the wattage limit of a light bulb exceeds the wattage limit of what the fixture can handle, then the fixture will start overheating, ultimately leading to the light bulb exploding. 

You can find the recommended light bulb wattage on the side of your light fixture/socket. In case you don’t find the same, then you can either contact the manufacturer, ask your electrician or simply use a lower wattage light bulb initially till you learn about the recommended wattage. 

Explosion Due To Oil From Hands

When you’re touching a bulb with your hands, the oil from the hands gets transferred to the bulb’s surface and can cause the light bulb to blow or explode. This can be dangerous and one must take some extra precautions to handle this situation. Usually, halogen bulbs are the most sensitive ones to human skin oils. So, make sure that you use gloves or a piece of cloth to make contact with your light bulbs. 

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