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Who is eligible to submit applications for a Spousal Open Work Permit?

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If an international student’s study permit remains valid. In that instance, they can allow their spouse or common-law partner to apply in Canada if they have a job offer.

Criteria for eligibility: Spouse or partner of an international student enrolled in a recognized public post-secondary school or institute.

A skillful worker’s spouse works in an occupation categorized by the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

A foreign military family member’s partner or spouse.

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You must be understood what Spousal Open Work Permits are and how they can help your spouse. We have experienced consultants at AMK who have guided many clients in getting their Work Permits. We prioritize customer happiness, and it gives great satisfaction to hear that our customers are happy working or studying in Canada with their partners or families.

In conclusion, we have helped many professionals and job seekers obtain successful work permits and move to their desired destinations with satisfactory achievements.


Spousal Open Work Permit Application Document Checklist

Are you looking to get started on your application? Let’s start by looking over the document checklist.

The following are some document checklists that must be followed:

A letter of acceptance into the study program.

A copy of a student permit is needed.

Proof that you have adequate cash available.

Proof of your marriage certificate (in English or French).

All required pages, visas, stamps, and other notes should be included in a copy of your spouse’s passport.

While applying for your Spouses’ visa, it is always advisable to consult a Regulated Immigration Consultant, as a few documents may be varied depending on the circumstances. The most straightforward approach to getting approval is to clarify the application process, documentation, and paperwork completed.

We make it a priority at AMK Global to maintain, plan, and develop accurate paperwork that will result in a happy, stress-free immigration journey for all applicants.

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Let’s take a glance at more commonly asked questions about Spousal Visa.

What is the validity of my Work Permit?

Most of our clients want to know how long their application will be valid or if it will take longer. Generally, the Processing period is usually takes four to five months. However, based on when and where you filed your application, the duration may vary.


When is the best time to apply?

Many of our clients, especially overseas students and those working in Canada, have asked when their spouse or partner should apply for a WP.

Before or after you arrive in Canada, you can easily apply for a spousal visa. In most cases, spouses or partners visit Canada before submitting their applications for processing.


Can I apply for PR if I have a Work Permit?

Yes, you can apply for PR in Canada based on your job experience and skills, as well as adequate documentation of your status as a skilled worker. However, your application is only temporary and may allow you to immigrate to Canada.

Those already working in Canada on a temporary work permit should keep their application for permanent residency available if they wish to stay for a more extended period.


How many times can my Work Permit be renewed or extended?

Your application is valid for three years, and it will take into account all three-year permit extensions. However, there are no limitations to extending or renewing your WP. As a result, only the individual fulfills the conditions for renewing or extending the WP.

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