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Which Will Suit Better: Unframed Canvas or Framed Canvas Prints?

by chirag_parikh
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Canvas prints are declarations of art reflecting a painting or memory. So, when the question comes to framing it or not, I’d say that it depends on your preference. It is your personal art. And what you want to do with your art is up to you. But of course, there is a bit of consideration when deciding on the dream home décor. Remember, a framed canvas print and a framed picture are not the same. To understand in detail, let’s understand how a canvas print is made. 

How Are Custom Canvas Prints Made? 

When you select a photo to print it on a canvas, the image is replicated on a canvas sheet through an inkjet printer. Since the image is printed on a canvas sheet, it gives a feeling of a hand-drawn image. The canvas is then left to dry up (either naturally or artificially) and stretched onto a wooden board to give it some stability. However, this wooden board does not act as a frame; rather, the canvas is stretched on the sides of the board, giving it a floating effect. To give a canvas print a traditional framed look, a frame is added later; a frameless canvas is ready.  

How Does a Canvas Photo Frame Look Like? 

 It looks like a normal framed picture, but the canvas sheet gives a feeling of originality pertaining to being a painting hung on the wall. Apart from the traditional look, a framed image also gives a refined touch to your space. While black frame, white frame, metal frame, or floating frame, the look will define more about you. A low-maintenance home décor to elevate the look of your space.  

Types of Canvas Photo Frames 

Custom canvas prints look fabulous anyway. However, if you want to frame it, there are a couple of options you can choose from. Such as: 

White Canvas Photo Frame 

Whether broad or thin, a white canvas photo frame can give a minimal feeling to the space. Zen of Bohemian, a white frame can fit the décor with ease. If not that, white is a color of peace (if you ask me, it is also the color of happiness – it reflects light), so why not a white frame over the other frames? 

Black Canvas Photo Frame 

Black is dark, imaginative, and sexy. If you want your house to look classy in a traditional way, black canvas photo frames are the answer. If you create a wall gallery of framed images in black, it can create a kind of harmony that would look soothing to the eye.  

Metal Canvas Photo Frame 

Do you have a café and want to reflect a biker’s hideout, rustic look? Metal canvas photo frames can do that effortlessly. It is chic, rustic, and upbeat enough to invite more and more customers. Do you think this is the one for you? 

Floating Canvas Photo Frame 

A floating canvas frame gives the illusion of the canvas print floating in the air – an illusion of a 3D print. How does it work? The frames are placed keeping a few cm gaps from the actual canvas print giving a perspective of the image floating in mid-air.  

Choosing Between Unframed and Framed Canvas Prints 

Apart from the obvious differences, you need to choose between these two and set a style in your space. Your space should define you – what you are, what you like, and what you don’t. The style and the home décor should speak more of you than anything else. Hence, be wise while choosing. Do you think you are more of a tidy type? Who does not like unnecessary things? Then you would enjoy the company of an unframed canvas print. However, framed canvas prints are my personal favorite. Why? There are a plethora of options available. You can contrast the color of the wall with the color of the frame by matching it to the color of your drapes. It also combines well with the natural hardwood tone (or perhaps beige) for a stylish Bohemian vibe. The frame can be used for a variety of purposes. The more option you get for customization of canvas photo frames, the more reflects you. So why not customize however you can? 

What Are the Advantages of Framed Canvas Prints and Unframed Canvas Prints? 

 I have mentioned most of the similarities and differences between unframed and framed canvas prints. So, I hope you can fetch the advantages of each before I start explaining. If not, you can keep reading.  

 Framed Canvas Prints: 

  • Framed canvas prints speak more of your style. 
  • It can give an illusion of a 3D print if you choose a floating frame. 
  • In a gallery, framed images look more in harmony. 
  • It gives a traditional feel to the house. 

 Unframed Canvas Prints: 

  • There won’t be any hassle in choosing the right frame. 
  • It gives a minimal feel to the house. 
  • You can choose mirror wrap canvas in an unframed canvas print. 
  • For small-sized and large-sized canvas prints, the unframed canvas looks better. 

End Note to the Dilemma of Framed and Unframed Canvas Prints 

The best part of this article is I know no matter what you choose, it is going to look beautiful anyway. Canvas prints are themselves beautiful enough, whether you give the effort of choosing a frame or hope. However, I hope you got the answer to your question. Now, choose one of the best custom canvas print makers and make your space dazzle.   

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