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Which of the three types of SEO—White, Grey, and Black—is preferable?

by Mayank Jain
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Online marketing strategies are preferable nowadays. However, in order to reach an audience faster and make profits, people use unethical means too. If you are planning to understand the digital marketing world, then it’s better to start with SEO and what type of SEO is right. Providers of professional SEO services know what is right for your brand in order to build it.

Here is the definition of all the types of SEO you need to know.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO, also known as Google or web-approved SEO, is an ethical type of SEO strategy. When you follow all the rules and regulations to get the front spots on search engine result pages, it is considered white hat SEO.

Examples of white hat SEO are: using relevant and relatable keywords with your content; high-quality and original content for users and not for search engine crawlers; a user-friendly website; keywords in headings without any click-bait titles; communication and networking with the audience and fellow bloggers or website owners, etc.

Black Hat SEO

When it comes to black hat SEO, it simply violates each and every rule of white hat SEO. This technique is faster in showing results but is dangerous for your website.

Some examples of this SEO tactic are: buying positive comments; stuffing keywords in every paragraph; hiding text behind an image or by using the same colour text as the background; hiding links in HTML or Javascript; plenty of anchor texts for links; keyword stuffing in the alt tags below images; clickbait in titles, etc.

Grey Hat SEO

So, Grey hat SEO is a blend of white and black hat SEO. Grey hat practitioners adhere to web-approved SEO rules while also incorporating black hat techniques. This is less risky than black hat SEO.

Examples of this type of SEO are: buying links; spinning content, which means copying someone’s article but changing its words; keyword stuffing, but less than black hat SEO; creating several dummy accounts on social media; and so on.

Which One is the Best?

Most SEO practitioners like to give white-hat SEO services because if they use black or grey hat strategies, it can ruin your brand or website’s image and trust in front of the audience as well as search engines. If you want temporary positive results, traffic, or profit, then use black or grey hat SEO; otherwise, use white hat SEO.

Negative effects of black and grey hat SEO include getting banned from search engine results. This can affect your site’s ranking and traffic, resulting in low or no profit.

Moreover, when you only think about making a profit with copied content, stuffed keywords, and irrelevant information, you are doing nothing for your audience. Once you start to lose them, your website and business go downhill. Every business needs professional SEO Services for there businesses.

Final Thoughts

With the above read, it is now clear why you need to use white hat SEO. To build your brand and to stay loyal to your customers.

If you are considering SEO techniques to market your brand, then check us out at OMR Digital and start with the experts’ advice.

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