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What you should know about Magento 2 Product Labels extension?

by MageAnts
Magento 2 Product Labels

The Magento 2 product labels extension is a useful promotional tool, since it allows you to draw customers’ attention to sales and featured items on your online store through attractive labels. This module will help you increase your conversion and engagement rates.

Product labels in Magento 2 have many advantages:

  • Product Labels: Add Eye-Catching Custom Labels to Define Product Status Clearly
  • Make use of a wide variety of labels, each of which is specific to a particular product
  • You can pick your images to use as stickers to make unique labels.

The benefits of employing Magento 2’s product tiers to the store’s owner:

  • Adding bespoke labels or promotional Magento 2 stickers to your products is a great way to increase their visual appeal, making this extension a powerful marketing tool.
  • Advertise goods and bring in more buyers with little to no additional effort.
  • Putting cross-sell products in a sale section or displaying discount stickers increases the likelihood that customers will add the products to their carts or make a purchase.
  • One can make an unlimited number of labels.

Added value for the purchasers:

  • To help them find what they’re looking for, customers have easy access to a wide range of information.
  • Convenient methods of payment for the clientele.

With the product labels module developed by Team MageAnts, you can now adorn your products with a wide variety of eye-catching ribbons.

View extension demo here https://www.mageants.com/product-labels-for-magento-2.html

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