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What to do if LED lights stop working in a sports court?

by TimTyler
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LED lights are an essential part of your sports court. They make the experience more enjoyable and safe for everyone who uses it. You may have noticed that some of the LED lights on your sports court have stopped working, but what do you do if this happens?

The first step is to check the power supply to see whether there is anything wrong with it. If you’re using solar panels to power your LED lights, be sure to clean them regularly because dust can cause problems when it builds upon their surface. If you’re using a battery bank, check that all batteries are connected properly and fully charged. If these solutions don’t work, then you might need to replace your entire system or individual components.

Check all of the connections

Make sure that each of your LED lights is connected securely to its corresponding plug socket. If any wires are loose, tighten them up and make sure they’re fully inserted into their sockets. Check that no wires have been damaged by moving around during installation or playing on your court.

Check all of the plugs

Make sure that each plug has been completely inserted into its socket and that nothing is obstructing it from making contact with the metal pins inside it. If any plugs are loose, tighten them up and make sure they’re fully inserted into their sockets.

Check whether there is an overload protection circuit breaker

Some high current power supplies have an overload protection circuit breaker (OLCB) built-in that switches off when too much current flows through them for too long (which could cause damage).

Investigate your power source and wiring for shorts, breaks and retrofits

A short circuit occurs when an electric current flows through a wire that has an unplanned low-resistance connection to another part of the circuit. In other words, it’s an unintended path for electricity to flow. When the voltage across this path exceeds the breakdown voltage of the material in question, a new conductive pathway forms as a result of electrons flowing under great pressure from one terminal to another.

When this happens on your sports court lights it can lead to damage and failure rendering them useless. The good news is that we have a quick fix solution that involves using heat shrink tubing (a type of insulating tubing) at vulnerable points where wires connect together so that if there is ever any damage caused by something like this happening again then you will be able to see exactly what needs replacing before purchasing new parts!

Inspect the LED driver and module for signs of overheating, melting or discolouring

If the LED driver and module are damaged, you will need to replace them. If you find any of these signs on either piece of equipment, it may be worth replacing both pieces.

If the LED driver is damaged, the module will be as well.

Check the wires in the LED driver and make sure they are soldered properly with no frayed ends or loose connections

If you have a multicoloured LED light, it’s possible that the wires in the driver are frayed or loose. To check this, you’ll need to remove the connectors from the LED driver and inspect them. If they look okay, try reattaching them to make sure they’re connected properly. If that doesn’t work, replace them with new ones of equal size and length.

Make sure that your modules are getting enough cooling airflow to prevent overheating

If your LED modules are getting enough cooling airflow to prevent overheating, it’s also important that you make sure they don’t have too much space between them. The optimal distance is 6-12 inches. If modules are packed too closely together, they’ll run into one another and become damaged over time.

This can also be an issue if your court has a lot of curves or is limited by the shape of its borders—in these cases, there may not be enough room for proper airflow in the corners. In this case, consider installing supplemental fans to keep things moving (and avoid having to replace any damaged parts).

However, experts say that led flood lights are the best solutions and with them, you will always be sure that everything will go well.

Check the fuse box

The first thing that you should do is check whether there’s a fuse box in your sports court. If there is, then check all of the fuses and see if any of them are blown out or not working at all. Check if any of them are loose or damaged – if so, replace them with new ones from your local hardware store or electrical supplier.

Why does this happen?

There are many reasons that LED lights may fail to work:

Power failure – A power failure is one of the most common causes of the failure of LED sports court lighting systems. It’s important that if you’re using an independent generator or mains supply with a backup battery system (such as solar) that you check these regularly and keep them maintained by professionals. The most common reason for power failure is poor maintenance or lack thereof; either way, it could prove expensive if you don’t take steps to prevent it from happening again!

Poor installation – As we mentioned above, it’s important that your sports court lighting is installed correctly by professionals who know how to install them safely and securely without damaging any parts of your court (including yourself!).

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