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What Should I Expect After a Root Canal?

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Root Canal

Not only do root canals work to remove decay from your teeth, but they also serve to save your teeth from the risk of infection or even complete destruction. If you’ve just had a root canal, or if you’re having one done in the near future, you may be wondering what it takes to recover from the treatment and what exactly to expect afterwards. This guide will give you all the information you need about root canal after care, as well as how long it should take before you can live life normally again.

A Root Canal Procedure Explained

Before you make an appointment, it’s helpful to know exactly what a root canal procedure entails. Here’s a quick rundown: When your dentist identifies severe tooth decay or infection, he or she will thoroughly clean out any affected parts of your tooth. This process also helps determine if there are any underlying problems that might require additional treatment. If so, they’ll send you to an endodontist (also known as a root canal specialist). The next step is called debridement and involves cleaning out the inside of your tooth. The final step is where your endodontist fills up any gaps left in your tooth with filling material.

Root Canals and Tooth Pain

At Your Smile Dental Care in Winnipeg, MB, our team of dentists offers roots canal treatments for patients throughout southern Manitoba. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, we can help! Our root canal after care will put your mind at ease and keep your smile looking healthy. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kyle Peterson to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about our services or what to expect during treatment. Want to know more about root canals before your appointment? Read on for answers to common questions about root canals and tooth pain

Brushing And Flossing After A Root Canal

Although your root canal procedure may seem simple, you will have to pay attention to certain details after your procedure is complete. Root canal services will help save damaged teeth from having to be extracted, but that doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of them after. Here are four steps for maintaining good oral hygiene during roots canal recovery.

Avoid Delaying A Root Canal Treatment

Though root canal procedures are one of the most painless ways to treat your tooth and save it from being extracted, they can be pretty unnerving if you’ve never had one before. It’s important to know what to expect after your roots canal procedure so that you aren’t caught off guard or worried about complications. It’s normal for gums to become inflamed after treatment; however, that inflammation should go away within a week. If you have any questions about symptoms or experiencing issues, be sure to talk with your dentist!

Do’s And Don’ts Of Root Canals

Although dentists are trained to perform roots canals safely, even an expert is not immune to making a mistake. Good dental hygiene after you’ve had a roots canal is critical to your overall health. Most importantly, do not ignore symptoms that may indicate an infection. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of infection after you’ve had a roots canal:• Redness or swelling around your tooth • Discoloration of gums around your tooth • A bad taste in your mouth • Foul odor coming from your mouth If you have any of these symptoms, see your dentist immediately.

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