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What Makes Rigid Boxes Extremely Elegant

Rigid Boxes

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Custom Rigid Boxes are the most popular choice amongst leading brands. The most genuine reason behind their popularity is their luxurious touch. These boxes are effortlessly luxurious and this feature makes them one of the most extensively used packaging types.

Custom Rigid Boxes are capable of adding an instant uplift to whichever product you pack in them. Therefore, these boxes are an ideal choice for a number of luxurious product brands. Their aura is timeless and their charm is irresistible, therefore, their market was valued at USD 496.72 billion in 2016, and continues to grow at a high annual rate (CAGR) of 5.8%!

What are Rigid Boxes?

Simply well explained from their name, these boxes are extremely rigid, of approximately 2-3mm thickness of paperboard or chipboard. Their rigid structure then gets the wrapping of specialty paper in a special way that covers their whole shaggy structure to give a smooth finish.

This is the charm of Custom Packaging that you get to design and select out of plenty of options. Here as well, the structure, size, rigidity, thickness, paper selection, prints, and printing techniques, every feature stays in the customer’s control. So you can customize your packaging the way you want them to be.

These boxes are also commonly referred to as set-up boxes because they come in their actual shape or presentation attire, unlike cartons. They require no erecting/folding or assembling, making product fulfillment more timeless than a traditional folding carton solution.

Elegance is the Second Name of Rigid Packaging

These boxes are premium and High-end packaging solutions; therefore, if you need to give instant recognition to your product, Rigid Boxes are the ideal choice. Their elegance lies in their solid yet smoothly flawless structure, which they get from a special quality paper.

These boxes reign supreme in the category of Custom Boxes because of their luxuriousness. These boxes are simply elegant but classy adornments further enhance their exquisiteness.

Rigid Packaging Boxes offer a premium feel that enhances your customer’s unboxing experience, allowing for more opportunities to establish a strong brand narrative.

Rigid packaging boxes offer many branding capabilities through printing and finishing, including Hot stamping, Embossing/debossing, Coatings, and plenty of Decorative elements.

What Differentiates the Rigid Boxes From Flexible Packaging?

It is easy to understand the difference between folding cartons and Wholesale Rigid Boxes. As well explanatory in their titles, both packaging types are contrary to each other. Both types have their own importance and utilities.

Flexible packaging is too economical compared to wholesale Rigid Boxes. But the features and benefits of these Boxes are worth consideration. These boxes are capable of instantly and effortlessly enhancing the presentation of your product by giving it a classy and branded look.

Furthermore, with custom packaging, you always get the option to get Wholesale Rigid Boxes. This opportunity has a direct impact on the overall cost of this premium packaging type.

Types of Rigid Boxes

Their structure remains the same even in their different types. The only reason for the difference is because of their final finish.

  • Partial Finish

Partial finish yet Rigid Packaging is made with a single piece of chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding. They get wrapped without the additional exterior layer, which leaves the kraft or grey chipboard material exposed. To finish the box’s outer surfaces use fine quality wrapping paper. Thus, the chipboard inside is visible and bare; making them partially finished.

  • Full Finish 

In full finish type, as expressed from the title, no chipboard is left exposed. Hence wrapping entirely covers the Rigid Packaging Box. Their inner chipboard is separated into pieces for each side of the box, and it can be laminated with various finishing options depending on your needs.

Full-finish rigid packaging boxes also have an additional layer of wrapping, which can be white (default) or printed.

Styles of Rigid Boxes

Customization is unbounded, so you can get as many styles of Rigid Packaging as you want. But the most popular are:-

  • Magnetic

These classic Magnetic Closure Boxes are oddly addicting because the two magnets at the place of opening close the boxes firmly. These boxes are one of the most reused types because the rigid structure does not allow throwing them away. So with this promising enclosure, customers can reuse them multiple times and purposes.

  • Drawer Style

Pulling a drawer open, especially a small box type is somewhat truly fascinating. Slipcase, slide or match rigid boxes are a few of the other names for drawer style Rigid Boxes.

  • Book-like

These boxes open like a hardcover book. There are multiple options for their enclosure i.e. Magnetic, Ribbon, or others depending on your niche.

  • Shoulder Neck

This type of Rigid Box has multiple layers, which allows for multiple customizing opportunities. You can also add custom prints or colors according to your brand. These Custom Printed Boxes increase brand value through their unique style and vibrant colors. Their structure is somewhat fancy with an interior neck that holds upon the covering of the box.

Elegance is inborn in Rigid Boxes, therefore, they offer an excellent presentation of your product with superior brand recognition and massive exposure with competitive attire.

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