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What makes Kerala banana chips ideal snacks to savour?

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People in India have a general liking for South Indian food, so, they don’t mind munching Kerala banana chips anytime. Banana chips are definitely a nice invention of civilized humans. In India, it was first cooked in Kerala. Today, it is popular all over the country. These chips go extremely well with coffee, tea, and soft drinks too. The use of spices and coconut oil makes them one of the tastiest snack items. Besides Sour Cream Onion Parsley Kerala banana chips and Homemade Kerala banana chips, you will find them in various flavours. People love to have these chips as they are crispy and crunchy snacks that are prepared in pure coconut oil.

These banana chips are a favourite with everyone in the family and they are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and antioxidants. Banana chips from Kerala are high in fiber and low in calories and these crunchy chips are slightly salty and sweet. Nearly every person has a fascination for these chips as they have an ideal texture and taste and they always give people an “Oh so delicious” experience. Kerala banana chips are healthy in every way as they are non-GMO, gluten-free, and trans-fat-free.

Benefits of buying from a reputed website

Everyone looks forward to having something to snack on with their coffee or tea. Many times, people eat namkeens from the same store but become bored with it. So, they get to the reputed sites that bring to people a huge array of hygienically-prepared South Indian snacks and North Indian namkeen from various parts of India so that people can enjoy them to their fullest. These sites do not have commercially-prepared namkeen only but also an excellent choice of hygienically-prepared homemade Indian snacks.

More information on banana chips from Kerala

Banana chips can be a vital part of people’s healthy eating plan and these chips are prepared with Nendran bananas which are well-known in Kerala. These chips are deep fried in coconut oil. People love banana chips from Kerala in different variations. Today, people can get them from Mirchi.com right at their doorstep. Banana chips from Bangalore, Mangalore, Nagercoli, Ahmedabad, Alappuzha, and Thiruvananthapuram are immensely popular in India. If you want to taste the real Banana chips fried in coconut oil, you must try the South Indian or Kerala banana chips.

Now, it is easy to buy the Keralian version of banana chips as mirchi.com is there to make it smooth sailing. It is definitely going to change your snacking habit.


If you love natural beauty, you will surely love Kerala. It is one of the places that provide different snack items, such as banana chips. The reputed food delivery platform provides only superior quality Kerala banana chips that are handpicked and prepared following rigorous standards. Hence, people become successful in getting the best-in-class experience. Mirchi.com pass each ultra-thin wafer of bananas via strict quality checks. Hence, they remain fresh for a long time. Enjoy the great snack of South India right at your home.

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