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What Is Vitrectomy (retina surgery)?

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A vitrectomy is one of the methodologies used to fix a disengaged retina. This strategy eliminates parts of the vitreous. This is in some cases essential when the vitreous, a thick, straightforward substance that fills the focal point of the eye, hinders the specialist’s perspective on the disconnected retina. This method may likewise be essential while retinal scarring limits the viability of other retinal separation techniques.

There are various kinds of Vitrectomies

Anterior Vitrectomy

In uncommon cases, following complex contract/cornea/glaucoma medical procedures, the vitreous gel gets through the understudy into the front part of the eye. This should be cleared to diminish aggravation and to keep the cornea from decompensating and to lessen the risk of future retinal issues.

Standards Plana Vitrectomy

A vitrectomy performed by a retina expert for illnesses of the back fragment is known as a back or standards plana vitrectomy. Three self-fixing openings or ports are made in the eyeball to get to the vitreous which is eliminated utilizing rapid cutters with a light source giving illumination inside the eye.

When a standards plana vitrectomy is finished, saline, a gas bubble or silicone oil might be infused into the vitreous gel to assist with standing firm on the retina in situation.

At the point when such a vitreous substitute is utilized, a time of post-employable situating (commonly face-somewhere near) the patient assists the retina with mending.


Conditions treated with vitrectomy:

  • Vitreous discharge
  • Extreme eye injury
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity

Prior to the Surgery:

  • Get a total actual assessment
  • Get your eyes screened by an eye specialist. The specialist will take a gander at the vitreous and decide the best sedation
  • See whether you should remain for the time being in the medical clinic

During Surgery:

The medical procedure endures 1-2 hours and includes the accompanying advances:

  1. An infusion to numb the eye
  2. Removal of the vitreous
  3. The vitreous will quickly be supplanted by salt arrangement, gas, or silicone oil
  4. Tiny lines might be utilized to contain the injury


After the Surgery:

After medical procedure, the salt arrangement or gas bubble will gradually vanish. It will be supplanted by liquid made by the eye. On the off chance that your eye was loaded up with silicone oil (rather than salt arrangement or gas), the oil should be eliminated in 3-6 months.

  • Utilize your eye drops as prescribed by the specialist
  • Stay away from weighty labor for a couple of days
  • Try not to lift weighty items for a couple of days after the medical procedure
  • Patients treated with gas ought to:

o             Lie down or rest on their stomach for 15 days

o             Tilt the head/face down while sitting

o             Avoid going via plane for 45 days. At such high elevations, the eye strain can rise perilously. You might utilize transport or train instead.

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