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What Is Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program and How To Apply?

by Arjun Madhav
Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is a well-defined pathway for someone who is looking forward to earning a permanent residency in Canada. Each Canadian province will have its own dedicated and specific requirements to apply for the Canadian PNP. In this article, we discuss what is Canada’s provincial nominee program and how to apply it.

Each Canadian PNP except Quebec and Nunavut has different PNP streams. These streams are curated by each province with respect to their different immigration requirements, and therefore the regulations and needs for PNP vary from province to province. But even with all these technicalities, PNP is considered to be the easiest way to approach the goal of permanent Canadian residency.
The final decision concerning the acceptance of the PNP application rests with the Canadian Federal Government.

The streams formulated by the provinces are nothing but certain specific requirements that that particular province is in need of. There are around eighty different streams amongst the eleven participating provinces. To know whether you qualify, you have to start looking through the skill set developed by each province.

PNP is one of the fastest mediums through which immigrants can work to secure permanent residency status in Canada. The federal government has been favorable towards increasing the annual allocations concerning the PNP.

Various Factors That Concern PNP and Its Application Process.


The eligibility for applying to each province is set by them and can be based on many factors like education, career prospects, etc. The applicants will be considered only if they meet these specified standards and expectations. It will make sure that the candidate applying has all the necessary requirements to contribute to the growth of the local economy. There are multiple sub-streams and in order to find out if you are eligible, it will require thorough research on the same line.

Documents Required To Apply For The PNP

  • English or French language proficiency test results with specified averages.
  • A valid passport; the passport must be valid from the start date of the immigration process.
  • Police certification or verification to ensure that you have no criminal records
  • Proof of funds for settlement purposes in Canada
  • Proof of foreign qualifications compatible with Canadian standards.

How to Apply for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Listed below are the step-wise application procedures to apply for the provincial program:

  • Each provincial system has its own specified stream. The first step is to create a profile according to the stream. Ontario has an OINP e-filing portal, and for New Brunswick, you will be using the INB system.
  • The candidates who meet a majority of the demands placed by the province will receive an invitation to apply. The selection process is based on the spring system of your skill set.
  • After receiving the invitation, the next step is to upload all your required documents along with the language test scores and job offer letter.
  • As you meet the terms and conditions put forward by the province, you will be accepted as the nominee. After that, you have to file an application with the federal government to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

People usually apply for PNP along with the Express Entry profile. Now, if you are someone without an express entry visa, such programs are called base PNP visas. The base PNP application is much slower than the electronically processed Express Entry application with PNP. The average time taken through express entry PNP is 6 months, and the normal way is 18 months. You can seek the assistance of immigration lawyers in Mississauga if you have any questions.

To Apply Using The Express Entry Profile

  • Create an account with an express entry profile.
  • Apply to express entry-aligned PNP profile.
  • Receive an express entry nomination.
  • Confirm and get an additional 600 points on the scoring system.
  • Once confirmation is received, apply through the Express Entry Program for a permanent residence application.

Because different PNPs process through different systems, the application process for express entry programs can be quite confusing. The applicants who have ventured to apply through the same route need to be very sure of the requirements and methods through which each province expects their application. Most PNPs select their eligible candidates from the express entry pool, so applying for a PNP aligned with the express entry program can fairly improve your chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada.

Under the eligibility criteria, it was given that a job offer is required to apply for the PNP program. But, there are many provincial programs that allow applicants to apply even without a job offer. These PNPs majorly concentrate on the educational and experience background of the candidate and check whether it is feasible enough to bridge the demographic gap.

Applicants with outstanding academic credentials, language proficiency scores, and valid experience have a good chance of being nominated and then successful in the application process for permanent residency. The only way to make sure is to be vigilant and do very good research when it comes to the PNP process.

The PNP process in its entirety can be quite confusing and intimidating for applicants who have very little understanding of the entire system. It will be fitting to take help from an immigration law firm in Canada for the easy and instant application processes. They bring professionals who deal with such applications regularly and will be able to help you sort out the confusions you have.

Hope you will get a clear picture of what is Canada’s provincial nominee program and how to apply it.

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