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What Is Business Analytics: Best Tools For It

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Business Analytics means using statistical methodologies and technologies to analyze past data. In other words, it can also be termed as a data management solution and business intelligence subset. The main objective of this process is to provide new business insights and improve decision-making strategies. To further learn about its functionalities and workings one can visit Business Analytics Online Training.

Types Of Business Analytics

Business Analytics consists of four types that are as follows.

  • Descriptive Analytics- Descriptive Analytics helps in summarizing the past data of an organization with an objective to know “What has happened” in the past. In addition, it is the most basic type of BA and is responsible for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Above all, it assists in forming strategies and allows investors and shareholders to easily access the data.
  • Diagnostic Analytics- It is helpful in knowing “Why” an event has occurred in the past. Moreover, it shifts the organization’s focus from examining the past to the current performance and helps in knowing about the factors that influence a trend. In addition, it uses techniques such as sensitivity analysis, and training algorithms to determine why events may occur.
  • Predictive Analytics- As its name suggests, this type of analytics is beneficial for predicting the future. In addition, it uses statistical models and ML techniques to forecast the events that may occur in the future. However, forecasting is just an estimation and its accuracy depends on the results provided by Diagnostic Analytics.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- This can be termed as the advanced form of Predictive Analytics. It helps in giving recommendations about the “Next best action to perform” and also tells how to perform those actions to get the desired outcome. Thus, it is a strong feedback system that provides information about the business processes.

Significant Components Of Business Analytics

Given below are some of the components of Business Analytics.

  • Data Aggregation- Data Aggregation refers to the process of gathering, organizing, and filtering the data prior to analysis.
  • Data Mining- Data mining helps in identifying the patterns and trends in the data by using statistics, and machine learning.
  • Text Mining- This process refers to exploring and organizing the large unstructured datasets for further analysis.
  • Forecasting- Forecasting means analyzing past data to make estimations about future occurrences and events.
  • Optimization- This is a post-analysis process and it includes the use of simulation techniques to test out best-case scenarios.
  • Data Visualization- Visualization helps in representing the data in graphical form for easy understanding and further analysis.

How To Choose A Business Analytics Tool

Business Analytics tools play an important role in determining the accuracy and precision of the gained results. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the most efficient tool for this process. An ideal Business Analytics tool should have an Intuitive Interface and should let users perform operations without the use of coding. In addition, as a business gathers data from multiple sources, the tool should be capable of blending the data and providing ready-to-use insights. Thus, saving time and resources for future operations.

After delivering the insights, it is necessary to share them and a tool should be able to do that over a multiuser environment. Scalability is another feature of a good BA tool as it helps in making changes or modifications in the modules. In addition, these tools should be capable of interacting with other analytics or visualization tools. Given below are the best tools available in the market for Business Analytics.

  • SAS Business Analytics (SAS BA)
  • QlikView
  • Board
  • Splunk
  • Sisense
  • Microstrategy
  • Dundas BI
  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • Tableau Big Data Analytics

Career Opportunities In Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the most promising careers in current and future times. It is due to the growth of the corporate world and the benefits of this process in boosting the business functions. Moreover, it also helps in personalizing the user experience and making business-related decisions. It further results in streamlining the operations and mitigating risks. Due to these uses, more and more organizations are gradually adopting this process. Moreover, there are multiple organizational institutions that provide Business Analytics Training in Delhi. Given below are some of the job titles related to Business Analytics.

  • Business Analyst
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Operations Analyst
  • HR/People Analyst
  • Product Analyst
  • Web Analyst


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