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What Do You Need To Be A Security Guard?

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What Exactly Is A Security Guard?

A security guard is someone who has been licenced by The SIA and is hired by businesses to conduct security-related jobs. There are various benefits to employing a guard, and firms will hire guards to protect a business, people, or commodities.

Guards may be needed to patrol and inspect property for signs of fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and other illegal actions. The main reason for hiring security is to reduce crime.

What Is a Security Guard’s Role?

A security guard may be expected to do a variety of tasks, some of which may be outside the scope of their job description. The primary responsibility of a security guard, on the other hand, will always be to keep people, structures, or objects safe.

What Is a Security Guard’s Job?

“What do security guards do?” is a commonly asked question about security guards. The duties or tasks assigned to a security guard govern what he or she does, and guards will have various roles and commitments to fulfil. Some of the jobs that security guards conduct are listed below.

Control Employee, Visitor, And Outside Contractor Access

Security guards are in charge of determining who enters and departs the property they are protecting. They may need to keep track of who enters and exits the premises, when they enter, and how long they remain. This is often documented in a logbook provided by the company.

On an employer’s property, protect and enforce the law

As a security guard, you are responsible not only for protecting the people and things on the employer’s property, but also for halting any illegal conduct such as criminal damage and theft. When a security guard observes any illegal behaviour, they must notify the authorities and ensure that all evidence is preserved at the scene of the incident.

Monitor alarms and closed-circuit television cameras

Monitoring alarms and CCTV is an important component of the job of security. Guards will investigate any suspicious activity detected by alarms and CCTV. Security personnel reviewing CCTV footage may be needed to see footage from many points on a client’s property. If the guard is working late at night, he or she must be able to focus and be well-rested.

Responding to Emergencies

Security guards should practise often to ensure proper response in the case of an emergency. The security guard should make it plain to everyone what is expected of them throughout the drills. In the event of a catastrophic crisis, they should also be in charge of informing emergency services and evacuating the area.

Prepare daily reports

In some vocations, a security guard may be expected to write daily reports. The security guard should monitor their everyday activities and report any irregularities. This includes damage to equipment or property, theft, the presence of unauthorised persons, and unusual incidents.

Responding To Phone Calls

A security guard may be the only one on an employee’s premises late at night. This means they will be in control of all phone calls and will act as a type of receptionist. They should also make certain that no heaters or other electrical devices are left on overnight.

What Is It Like to Be a Security Guard?

“How does it feel like to be a security guard?” is a commonly asked question about guards. Because security officers work in a variety of settings, ranging from construction all the way to warehouse security. They usually spend a significant amount of time on their feet, either assigned to a single post or patrolling a certain area. Some may work long hours behind a counter or in a guardhouse at the entrance to a guarded company or neighbourhood. Some security experts work longer shifts and switch off with other police to ensure the property is safeguarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That is all for what being security guard is exactly like. Visit our other security-related blogs and news where we will keep you updated on all things security.


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