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What distinguishes offline marketing from online marketing?

by Mayank Jain
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In the olden days, before the boom of digital marketing, people still marketed their brands. They chose offline marketing strategies because very few people used to know how the online world works. So, as the internet set its foot in the world, businesses started creating their online presence. This is how online marketing services in India came into existence.

Let’s dig deeper and understand what both of the marketing strategies hold for us and how you can use them to increase your brand’s presence in the market.

Offline Marketing and its Types

Offline marketing includes marketing without using the internet. It is called traditional marketing too. Before the internet age, people used this strategy to reach an audience.

This marketing includes banners and billboards; telephonic communication; PR (press releases); business cards; pamphlets and flyers; coupons or discounts—this one is used in online marketing too; events; free workshops; cold calling; classified ads; TV ads, etc.

Online Marketing and its Types

Online marketing, as the name suggests, happens with the help of the internet. Many businesses prefer this marketing technique more than the offline one. Online marketing is also known as digital marketing.

This promotion method includes SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns, email marketing, influencer marketing, sponsored ads, etc.

There are many digital marketing agencies that provide SMM, SEM, and SEO services if you don’t know how to do online marketing.


Audience Base

The audience base of online marketing is targeted at a specific region, gender, and age group. This way, it becomes easier to understand the audience and give them services or products accordingly.

Meanwhile, offline marketing can’t target a specific audience base, which makes it target an audience that has no interest in the product or service. However, sometimes it can be taken as a positive point to let the audience know about the product for their future use if they want.


Online marketing costs less than traditional offline marketing and shows results faster. Because of this, if you notice your ad campaign or content is not giving you the results you want, you can easily change your strategy without having to worry about the cost.

For instance, if you run an ad on Google and find out the ad is not performing well or is not getting enough clicks, then you can change or edit the keywords and graphics of the ad in no time.

Results and Competition

Online marketing has faster results. However, it is sometimes hard to look different because of the competition. Also, it takes time to create regular content according to the audience.

However, in offline marketing, there is less competition, and this way, it can show a higher profit margin if the ad reaches the right audience.

Final Thoughts

Both marketing strategies have their own pros and cons to consider. You can try both of them if you want.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online marketing agencies that can assist you with your marketing tasks. You can also contact us at OMR Digital. We can help you succeed in the online world with our SEO, SEM, SMM, web development, and ad management services.

Let’s get in touch and improve your brand’s presence with experts!

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