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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

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Crooked teeth, or malocclusion, can be defined as the improper alignment of teeth within your mouth. Some types of malocclusion are very minor, and may not need to be corrected in order to function normally. More serious cases may require orthodontic treatment (i.e., braces) or even tooth extraction to correct the problem, though this should always be done under the supervision of an experienced and qualified dentist or orthodontist. The following are some of the main causes of crooked teeth .


How To Fix Crooked Teeth?


Having crooked teeths can lead to embarrassment when smiling, in addition to problems with eating. The good news is that dental services have come a long way, and straightening crooked teeth is possible in many cases. Unfortunately, there’s no universal fix-all option for correcting your teeth—you have several options based on your individual needs. If you’re looking to fix crooked teeths but aren’t sure which treatment method is best for you, it’s time to find out more about what causes crooked teeths and how they can be corrected


How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Crooked Tooth?


No matter how crooked your teeth are, there’s always hope. Orthodontists will take an X-ray to determine exactly how severe your teeth are crooked and may then go on to explain that you have a mild or severe case of misalignment. If it’s a mild case, you may not need braces at all; in fact, over-the-counter treatments such as Invisalign might be more than enough for you. If it’s a more severe case—say, if one side of your mouth is significantly farther back than another.

How Crooked Teeths Can Impact Your Health?


Proper teeth alignment can have a significant impact on your appearance. But teeth that are crooked aren’t just unsightly—they can also negatively impact your health. The improper placement of teeth often means that people won’t be able to bite properly and may need to opt for dentures in their later years. Here are some of the other ways crooked teeths can have an impact on you


What Happens When You Ignore Crooked Teeth?


Your teeth can become severely crooked or misaligned if you don’t pay attention to what’s happening in your mouth. You may be one of many people who aren’t even aware that their teeth are off. Unfortunately, ignoring a crooked tooth could lead to more serious dental problems down the road. In fact, it can take less than two years for an untreated tooth to shift significantly out of place and require surgery or other procedures to fix.

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