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What are the necessary steps to install the security roller shutters?

by SalenaMartine
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Roller shutters are the most preferred choice for boosting the safety and security of the whole place. No doubt, the way it works is not possible with any other option available. Whether you are looking for the shutter installation to transform the  Shopfronts in London or your home; Installation should be done in an ideal way to ensure everything is accurate.

For the precise installation, there are several steps which are required, and most importantly, there is a need to get a variety of tools like:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Masonry drill bits

And many other necessary tools to get the entire process managed in an ideal manner. Through professional assistance, you can get everything worked from the manufacturing to the Shutter Repair In London so that the investment you are going to make it worth every penny.


Manual roller shutter installation needs to be done the right way

  • With the spirit measure and tape level measure, the window side is matched with each guide. This sits on the wall from the brickwork and the top to draw the necessary line.
  • As per the shutter height, the pelmet box size is considered. Additionally, the necessary height is measured to fix the pelmet box to the required place needed. Moreover, you can get in different sizes like 150mm, 165mm, 180mm & 205mm.
  • Making the necessary mark on the wall will make it easier to select the best place to drill and secure the guides correctly. Drilling through the front of the guide will help the screw pass through the site.
  • The side needs to be managed appropriately so that everything is fixed in the place to ensure nothing will go wrong. Additionally, the tube needs to be cut into the proper depth for which marking the required size before starting.


Technical expertise is all important

The roller shutter technical working is done the right way when you get professional assistance. It’s not just the manual shutter, but even the shutters with automatic functioning need to be done the right way to make sure the shutter solves the purpose of its installation by all means. If just one thing is not done correctly, then the entire functioning will go down.


Are you searching for an experienced team who can give you the best quality work?

Get a hold of the ADV Contractors team, who can offer you the best work as their years of expertise will make a difference. Additionally, the years of training will ensure the job is all managed correctly. If you are looking for roller shutter installation for your premises, let the team know in advance about all your roller shutter needs to ensure the installation is performed the right way. If you have any special requirements, that is also fulfilled by the team. No matter what all your specifications are, make sure to discuss it with the team beforehand so that everything can be considered when the manufacturing starts.

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