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Tired travellers want an experience that is different from travelling to a different destination. Instead, the emphasis is on getting back rejuvenated and refreshed. Upscale Living went in search of the best in wellness travel whether it’s a fresh yoga class, retreat, or simply taking good care of your mind, body and soul and, as a result, making sure you place yourself first. It is


An educational and organic experience that is grounded in well-being overall The new treetop-based wellness experience for dining in St Lucia is set to awaken the taste buds. It is part of BodyHoliday’s sustainability initiatives, the property provides the only educational, unique as well as sustainable gardening-to-table I-Tal dining experience in the trees of Coubaril Valley. BodyHoliday has just launched its evening I-Tal dining experience.

After an afternoon of sunshine, sand, and relaxation, guests can take a culinary trip through the resort’s organic gardens and then enjoy a delicious vegetable-forward meal. The guests will be greeted by one of the wellness chefs at BodyHoliday Juliana Lansiquot in the stunning open-air kitchen dining room. Utilizing fresh ingredients that have just been foraged and prepared by Juliana Lansiquot, she will instruct participants on different ways to cook to preserve the nutritional value as well as the flavour of the foods.


Dorado Beach and Andritz-Carlton Reserve will launch The Zencanto Retreat, a new service that is develop upon request. It is a blend of healing traditions, creative play and mindfulness, all offered on The Reserve. The guests will be able to tap into the abundance of the surrounding environment and the beauty of the sea and land to develop an inner sense of balance and happiness.

The custom-designed menu will feature healthy meals to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will also offer various fitness and yoga classes that guests can take part in as well as holistic classes and spa treatments. The spa treatments provided by Spa Botanico include the signature Manos Santas treatments, renewal ceremonies, massages in the treehouse along with access to the cleansing garden located on the property.


In collaboration with yoga practitioner Joelle Sleebos, and Ena In conjunction with expert yoga practitioners Joelle Sleebos and Ena Ker and Downey(r) Africa has launched its women’s exclusive Yoga Retreat in South Africa. The retreat is schedul to begin from October to November 2020. The nine-day retreat is a chance for women to experience South Africa’s most serene and well-known destinations, while also taking time to connect with their bodies as well as nourish their bodies. Then, they return refreshed.

The most memorable part of this tour is the possibility of staying at an edge in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Arambrook Boutique Hotel, which is a luxury Arambrook Boutique Hotel accompanied by daily yoga sessions with Joelle as well as a pampering experience at the renowned Sante Wellness Spa as well as Retreat within the Cape Winelands and an unrivalled getaway to wellness and safari at Thornybush Private Game Reserve at Saseka Tented Camp.


Inviting guests to think about the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, PELORUShas tailor-made experiences that give you a sense of escape that are culturally rich emotionally engaging, spiritually stimulating and physically enjoyable while taking guests to a place of relaxation and free of any stress.

Bhutan is a place of peace and tranquillity of pine forests that are deep and peaceful walks. Take a trip to Oman and then into the. Empty Quarter desert where a luxurious tented camp is waiting for you. Ecuador is a place that allows guests to completely get away from the daily busyness. Explore the wilderness and relax your mind in the tropical rainforests that are British Columbia. Explore Svalbard’s vast landscape and spectacular glaciers aboard the yacht of your choice. It is an unbeatable experience that gives you tranquillity.


The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is planning to organize its annual retreat for wellness this year’s theme is Mind Body Fit, for six days beginning June 7 to 13 in 2020. The exclusive, customized Bootcamp will allow guests to participate in yoga, meditation, and the exclusive @sersanametod, an elite fitness and nutrition program focused on implementing and creating all-around health and wellness created by fitness specialists Leticia Roman.

In the stunning sandy beaches in the area locate in the pristine beaches of the resort, the Bootcamp allows guests to indulge in luxurious amenities as they participate in an exciting program that is design to boost the metabolism, shed fat, shape the body and cleanse the organs. The retreat will help create an awareness around wellness that is holistic and focuses on taking good care of your body on the mental, physical and psychological levels.

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The 5-star Waldhotel Health and Medical Excellence located at Burgenstock Hotels and Resort. Lake Lucerne, is launching the Detox Yoga break, focused on restoring and rejuvenating your body and mind.

Detox Yoga is a sophisticated program that is a blend of restorative and energizing practices. Meditation and pranayama accompanied by a diet that cleanses using the revolutionary Waldhotel Color Cuisine approach. The guests will feel refreshed and full of vitality. This program was create to aid in increasing mental clarity. Enhance the appearance of the skin and tone of muscles as well as brighten the eyes. It will also help joints become more flexible and bring about a feeling of mental balance, groundedness and calm. Under the direction of Yoga master Sandra Schunck, yoga practitioners of. All levels are encourage to join The Detox Yoga break.


Waldorf Astoria, Atlanta Buckhead is thrill to unveil a brand new spa concept. As well as the menu of treatments and partners available at its highly acclaim Waldorf Astoria Spa. The new concept pays tribute to Atlanta’s fame as a “city in the woods,” the new spa program. Allows guests to experience the transformative spa experience. While also enjoying the indulgence of new and acclaim luxury partners.

Inspired by the beautiful green canopy of trees that wraps the city. The Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead brings the “city in the forest” concept to The experience of. The Waldorf Astoria Spa which is a sanctuary that provides a break. From the stresses of urban life stress, travel, and stress. The new menu of services encourages guests to build an intimate connection with. Their surroundings and each other, and live life to its maximum.

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the YO1 Wellness Resort as well as Spa is located on 1,310 acres. Of pure pine and lakes located in the Catskills mountains in the upstate of NY. Originating from an earlier Sanskrit term Yovan. The word YO1 translates to “youth.” It is situate on the site of Kutsher’s Hotel. This luxury destination is a yoga Spa and wellness program design to detoxify, revitalize and enhance well-being and health. Golf, hiking, yoga cookery classes, nutritional counselling and a fitness centre. That is fully equipy provide guests with a wide range of options to choose from.

The YO1 Wellness Resort & Spa Center is a place to educate guests about the essentials of eternal youth and the power of consciousness. The first luxurious natural cure resort that is of this type in America. The YO1 Wellness Resort is a luxurious wellness resort design. To awaken the body’s capacity to heal itself by offering individually tailore fitness programs.

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