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Web Design Dundee

How to Create a Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Web Design Dundee.  A good web design follows certain principles. For instance, the sidebar menu or dropdown menu will open a list of additional items when a visitor clicks on them. The speed of a website is an important factor to consider. Studies show that slow sites see a 38% increase in bounce rates. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, your visitors will most likely leave. To avoid these problems, follow these principles when designing your website:

Usability tests

Usability tests in web design are essential for a variety of reasons. These tests help to identify usability issues, so if your product or service does not meet user expectations, you may want to consider implementing a usability test. In addition to helping you improve the look and feel of your website or app, usability tests also give you valuable feedback on your overall design process. Even the most experienced web design team can benefit from usability tests because these tests help identify the areas where users get stuck or confused, which will improve the overall usability of the website or app.

Web Design Dundee

A usability test involves creating a realistic scenario where users perform a task or use a product. Observers observe the process and note down any problems that are encountered. Observers can take notes and record audio during the test to provide detailed feedback later on. The results of usability tests help designers and developers understand where the problems lie and how to fix them. Usability tests can save a lot of time and money for a web design company, so they should always consider conducting them.

Visual hierarchy

There are many reasons why a website lacks visual hierarchy. Web Design Dundee.  Many designers are inexperienced or intentionally misinform their viewers. Learning how to properly utilize this technique will improve your skills. Consider taking a free course on design systems. Here are some tips for creating a visual hierarchy on your website. To start, focus on the navigation system. You want your viewers to have an easy time finding the information they’re looking for.

Web Development Dundee

Colors also have a hierarchy of their own. Bold, bright colors tend to catch the attention of visitors more than subtle, muted hues. On a monochromatic website, for instance, an unexpected red element will catch everyone’s eye. On a white background, however, a bright yellow does not make an impression. Remember, that you can’t have everything rainbow-colored. Visual hierarchy is a foundation for good visual design.


Font size and weight play crucial roles in reading and highlighting text. They create a hierarchy between them, with larger fonts indicating more importance. The color of a font can also make a difference in the readability of text. In general, a line should be between 45 and 85 characters. A font is also legible when the size is readable. A good rule of thumb for text size is 18 points for small letters and 14 points for large letters.

Fonts can be of two types: serif and sans serif. Sans serif typefaces are more casual and render well on low-resolution displays. The latter is recommended for web design. And while slab typefaces are designed for bold headlines, script typefaces should be used only for titles and special events. However, typography in web design is more than just choosing a typeface. It’s an important element in UI design.

Responsive design

In order to understand responsive web design, open a page on a mobile device. You’ll notice that the layout and design of the page changes depending on the screen size. Responsive design takes these differences into account and changes the layout to adapt to the device. The table below shows one example of how a responsive web design layout looks. The background image centers in order to provide close focus. The table also features a different font size and color to match the device.

Mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop web traffic and now makes up 51% of all web traffic. If you served desktop pages to your users, your visitors would have a difficult time reading and using your site. Not to mention that mobile users account for the majority of search engine visits. So, when designing your website, remember to make it responsive to accommodate every screen size. The end result is a more pleasant user experience and higher conversions.


Usability of web design is the process of ensuring that your website is easy to use for users. It aims to reduce the time required for users to master new features, pages, or applications. The best usable sites also provide users with an easy way to overcome roadblocks and re-acclimate to the website or application system. Here are some basic principles of usability. Read on to learn more about this important design concept.

Web Design Dundee.  It is critical to keep in mind that a large number of websites have a similar usability level. If yours doesn’t meet expectations, people will simply move onto another website. The same goes for websites that are aesthetically appealing but don’t meet user expectations. A high-quality website is easy to use and will attract customers. Ultimately, usability is essential to the success of any website. But it’s not the only factor.

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