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Ways to Become a World Champion of Board Games

by Karine2022
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Board games are an exciting and fun activity for any company.

This type of entertainment games are very popular. Who does not know such famous games as chess, backgammon, checkers, word-maker, monopoly and many others.

Board games are multifaceted, unique, and, as a rule, simple and accessible. These games can be played with friends and family. It can be just a hobby or a serious hobby.

There are many board games: verbal, role-playing, miniature, with paper and pencil, with a playing field; for one or more players, as well as for a fixed and arbitrary number of participants; individual and team; step by step and dynamic. At the same time, more and more new species appear regularly. Perhaps this explains the growing popularity of such a pastime around the world.

In turn, the spirit of competition naturally contributes to the desire of players to test their strength at different levels, both in team and individual competitions. To do this, someone organizes yard tournaments in table hockey, football, and backgammon. Others participate in city and regional competitions. Well, those who have achieved outstanding success take part in international tournaments.

Table games should be distinguished from table sports games. The latter assume the presence of special equipment, playing fields and active movement of players along the boundaries of the playing field.

Today, the most famous board game recognized at the world sports level is chess. There is a whole system of competitions of different levels, tournaments, olympiads for the selection of masters, so that the strongest fight for the title of world champion. The first major international chess competition, the official World Championship, took place in 1886. The question of adding chess to the program of the Olympic Games is currently being considered.

Chess and backgammon competitions are held at a serious world level.

Those wishing to try their hand at international competitions must, first of all, declare themselves at domestic competitions in their country: urban, regional. Winners and prize-winners, as a rule, get the opportunity to participate in tournaments of a higher rank.

How many board games there are – so many competitions of different levels can be. Therefore, you just need to periodically monitor the Internet and print media for information about the holding of a particular tournament and apply for participation.

At the same time, you can hone your skills in a circle of friends, regularly arranging a friendly showdown within the framework of the rules of a particular board game.

What Games Are Played on Boards Professionally?

Since there aren’t many sponsors for board gamers, it’s challenging to pursue board gaming as a job. In addition, prizes at tournaments aren’t usually monetary ones. Even if they do grant money, it is insufficient to be regarded as income.

Board game associations and federations are working to establish the value of board games as mental sports in order to gain sponsorship. We anticipate that board games will soon be treated like sports and that advertisers will be very interested in them.

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