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Want the Perfect Looking Bedroom for Your Home? Look here!

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Bedroom is primarily the most important room in the entire home. No matter what someone says and draws comparison between living room and the bedroom, bedroom still wins by a slick! It is the room where people rejuvenate themselves and gain energy for the next day of work after working for long hours. An undisturbed and peaceful sleep in the comfort of your bedroom is something that cannot be compared with anything in this entire world!

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Bedroom renovation or decoration is one of the fun things to do! You can style your bedroom the way you want it to be – with posters, paints or minimalistic touch. Not every time it is necessary to change the whole outlook of your room, sometimes changing the pattern and arrangement of things is what is needed to make your room look perfect! We will understand why you get all choosy and think twice before deciding the décor of your bedroom and we know how important it is. Though your living room will set the impression on people coming over to your place, the bedroom is the place that will make them feel comfortable at home! Nothing beats that!

Home Decor Can Be As Comfortable As Stylish!!

When styling and comfort goes together in hand, it is generally a tough choice to go for the décor design. You need to see what looks pleasing to the eyes and what makes you a part of the interior design trend! While following the trends blindly is not possible and not recommended as well, the best thing you can do is choose and pick up ideas and items from the trending list to make your own creative bedroom.

When we talk about bedroom décor, it is not just the walls or the color of the paints that we are talking about. It is the curtains, window treatments, the accessories you keep in your bedroom, the way your side table is decorated and the lighting that you have in your room, which comes into the whole picture. Know you have reached that ‘perfect bedroom goals’ level when after the whole day of working, you come back home and lie down in your bed and find nothing but solace and comfort! That is the exact level of satisfaction you want your bedroom to give you!

Places to Get Ideas from for Decorating Your Bedroom:

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You might have come across beautiful bedroom décors while searching for your desired style. Sometimes you go through magazines, websites on the internet that you visit or maybe someone’s home that you recently went to, which helps you in deciding the kind of décor you would want for your bedroom!

The best way to decorate your bedroom is to take ideas from everywhere and combine them along with your own creativity to reach something unique and different from the others! This will not just make your home stand out, but also you will have a satisfaction level that will match nothing.

Note: not every time all types of bedroom décor can fit in your home. Before deciding on the best décor for your bedroom, have your plan layout ready, so that you can have everything in check and there will be no problem in adjusting things in your bedroom.

Simple and Important Accessories to Keep in Your Bedroom:

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Apart from making your walls look elegant and your windows perfect, there are also some essential things that one needs to keep in their bedroom for a more comfortable stay! 


Side tables or small coffee tables from Whispering Homes are all set to grace your bedroom with the utmost delicacy and beauty! You can have them placed by the side of your bed to help you in keeping important stuff right before you go to bed, so that they are the first things that you get, after you wake up. These tables do not have to be a large one and will not take up much of your space. This will help you in maintaining the look of your bedroom and keeping your bed tidy!


Do not worry, you do not have to keep big and large chairs in your bedroom! You can have accent chairs or small seats by the side of your window or in front of your bed, so that sometimes when you do not feel like lying on the bed, you can just sit there and admire things. It feels good to sit by your window frame, sipping coffee or tea and reading a book – totally having a ‘me time’ by yourself! The type of chair that you want depends on the level of comfort and size. Check out the chair collection from Whispering Homes to know better about each one of them!


Nobody likes waking up in the morning by the bright sunshine coming right through the windows! Blinds or shades are the best option for you to have in your bedroom. If you want to keep your bedroom windows traditional, then you can check out the collection of printed curtains from Whispering Homes, according to the décor of the room. The only thing needed in your bedroom is a proper window covering for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.


Not every bedroom has the space to accommodate a full length mirror in the space. For that, you would need a wall mirror that will not take up any extra floor space but also your wall will not remain empty! Beautiful and graceful oval or round shaped mirrors from the unique collection of Whispering Homes is what you need to have your bedroom look top notch with the designer and budget friendly mirrors.

Note: having a look at yourself right after waking up in the morning fills your heart and mind with positivity and good energy, which makes your day have a kick start. Also, dressing up and taking the final look in the mirror before you step out is a ritual that everyone follows vigorously without any doubt!

Area rugs

Having an area rug not only makes the entire room look wholesome and decorated, but it is also comfortable when you have area rugs just in front of your beds! It does not matter what type of home décor design you have, area rugs suit any type of style. You get a different variety of rugs in Whispering Homes that will fit your purpose and comfort! 

These are some of the essential bedroom accessories that you simply cannot miss to have in your bedroom! No matter what type of bedroom design you have, these things just fit right if you select the appropriate design and type. 

Tips on Having a Stylish Bedroom with Comfort:

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As already mentioned, having a stylish bedroom is not everything if the comfort from the room is missing. Having the maximum comfort with a stylish bedroom décor is the dream that everyone has! If there is something that you want to compromise a bit, it should be the style and never the comfort! Hence, here are a few tips that will help you in having the perfect balance between your comfort and style of the bedroom.

Build storage space

An untidy and unarranged bedroom is what no one likes to have! Build in storage space in your room so that your bed remains tidy with the things in the desired place. If you do not have enough space in your bedroom to adjust big storage spaces, then check out the small storage boxes available in Whispering Homes. The cute and designer boxes will enhance the look of your room and also serve your purpose for the best!

Pay attention to scale 

When you have big windows, you need curtains from the high up ceiling to the floor so that your entire room looks matching. If you have a small bedroom, experiment and have fun with different colors, patterns and types of curtains so that your entire room looks perfect and well balanced. The right type of curtains will be a treat to the eyes and also, help you in getting the right type of sleep!


Your bedroom should have the key to dim lighting as well as bright lights, as and when needed. Bedside table lamps for dim lighting are suitable for your sleep time. You can get metal floor lamps online from Whispering Homes for making your bedroom give you the comfort that you highly deserve!

Contrasting colors of paint

Paint your walls with contrasting colors for your room to be bright and beautiful. Have different shades of the same color for your room, so that people are awestruck by the overall beauty. You can also have bedsheets and curtains in accordance with the wall paints and patterns, which will make your bedroom in total sync!

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Tip: if you want to have something different for your walls, have wall art or wall print from Whispering Homes to make it look unique!

Have layout design

Have your bed filled with pillows of all sizes, starting from normal pillows to throw pillows and cushions and keep them arranged in a layout manner. This will make your bed look tidy and arranged. It will add a spark to your overall room, if you have a wall photo gallery just behind your bed so that the entire thing looks in a picturesque layout!

Tip: get designer and embroidered cushion covers from Whispering Homes for the perfect pairing of your home décor products!

Go wild with wallpaper

Bold patterned wallpapers are always on the trend! To keep your bedroom simple and elegant, you just need to have one focal point of the room that will catch the eyes of the people coming over to your place. The designs and patterns of the wallpaper including the color and the wall on which you are doing it, makes an impact on the overall look of the room.

Note: you do not need to make the entire wall a statement wall. Finding a portion of the wall in your bedroom and making it the focal point will make it work absolutely fine! 

Use fewer furnishings 

You do not have to include too many furnishings in your bedroom but make sure to add the ones which are big and will enhance the look of the room! Fewer yet bold and big furnishings are a style statement that will make your room look tidy and at the same time, make it a part of the ongoing trends.

These are some of the simple tips (or hacks, anything that you want to name it) for making your bedroom provide you the comfort along with the style by being a part of the trend! You can add your creative head and combine ideas from various sources that you have come across to have a bedroom that will exactly be like the one you want and deserve.

Why is Whispering Homes the Perfect Place for Shopping Home Décor Products online?

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Exploring and searching the different types of home décor products under one roof from the comfort of your home or in between your work break is what is needed! Keeping away the hassle of visiting stores to find the right fit of décor items in your home, it is always better to have things online.

Choosing Whispering Homes will not just adorn your home with the prettiest décor items but it will also help you by providing ideas on how to make your home look good and beautiful! Get your hands on the different items from the store today and make a classic change in your home!

You can find all of these items at these following locations also: Best home Decor items on Whispering homes is now in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad. So don’t think about it, just go for it!

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