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Various types of case study for students

by Emma Allen
Various types of case study for students

There are many distinct sorts of case studies, as well as many various types of case study topics. In this essay, we’ll look into each type. These tips will help you to know more about the case study. Students can go to a case study helper for case study assistance.

There are various sorts of case studies, each of which differs from the others in terms of the premise and/or thesis that must be proven. It’s also conceivable for several sorts of case studies to overlap. Each of the sorts of examples listed below can be applied to any field or discipline. This sort of case study can be used in any subject, including psychology, business, and the arts.


An explanation for a question or a phenomenon is the focus of an explanatory case study. An explanatory study is simply 1 + 1 = 2. The outcomes aren’t open to interpretation. A case study with a single person or group would not have been explanatory, because there are always variables with humans. There are always minor differences that are difficult to explain.

Case studies of events, on the other hand, can be instructive. Let’s imagine a car has been involved in a series of accidents due to malfunctioning brakes. All of the collisions were caused by brakes that were ineffective on ice roads.


What is an explanatory case study? Consider an explanatory case study that might be completed today. The researcher will describe the crash and the specific causes of the brake failure in the case study. They’ll look into what happened to cause the brakes to fail, as well as what could have been done to prevent it.

Other automakers might then utilize this case study to learn more about why brakes fail. Looking back at past failures when building safer products is a great approach to ensure that similar mistakes aren’t committed. The same can be stated about other automotive safety concerns. There was a period when automobiles were not equipped with seatbelts.


Typically, an exploratory precedes a formal, big research project. The purpose of the case study is to show that more research is required.

The researcher could do an exploratory case study to see if specific war situations are more likely to produce PTSD. After it has been proven. A large-scale study project to determine which situations are most likely to trigger PTSD might be undertaken. write my case study for me can also assist students in an exploratory section.

Collective Studies or Multi-Case Studies

Information from previous studies is combined in many case or collective studies to establish the basis for a new study. Using previous studies offers more information without having to invest more time and money in the new research.

Using the PTSD issue as an example of a collaborative study is a great idea. A researcher could use case studies from various wars to investigate what factors contribute the most to wartime PTSD. Studies on PTSD among World War 2 veterans Persian Gulf War veterans, and Vietnam veterans, for example, could provide a good sample of which wartime actions are most likely to produce PTSD.


The examination of a case in which the subject is the major focus is known as an intrinsic case study. This can be seen in the “Genie” scenario. Genie herself, and how her experiences impacted who she was, was the focus of the study, not psychology. Case study help is very beneficial for students.

These are the points that explain the different types of case studies. The option of case study help is always there for the assistance of students. These services can be found on the internet everywhere.

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