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Vap Boxes – Know Your Printing Requirements

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Before you order custom printed Vap Boxes, you must know your printing requirements. Learn about CMYK printing, Die-cut and non-die-cut, Inserts, and more. Choosing the right packaging material for your brand is vital. This article covers the topics you need to consider when choosing a packaging material for your brand. It is a must to choose premium-grade materials for the packaging of your vapes.

Custom printed vape boxes

The popularity of vaping has shifted the traditional tobacco cigarettes to the realm of electronic cigarettes. Vapes have liquid e-juice that gives them flavor and appeal. In order to maximize brand awareness, companies can choose to use custom packaging for their products. Not only will a custom packaging enhance product visibility, but it will also make the brand more trustworthy. Here are some tips for customizing your packaging for vape products. You can use the product calculator to estimate the size of your box and how many cartridges it should hold.

Before choosing the style of your custom-printed vape boxes, you should consider the purpose of the packaging. Are they meant for smoking or for vaporizing? Do they need to have a tuck top or a two-piece design? These types of boxes feature convenient openings and portray premium visuals. Modern die-cutting techniques make it possible for you to choose any style for your custom printed vape boxes. A rectangular-shaped box also ensures easy stacking. Gold foiling will give your boxes a truly branded look.

Die-cut vs non-die-cut

In terms of packaging, die-cut vs. non-die-cut vape boxes offer different benefits. Die-cut boxes are more durable and offer edge-to-edge printing for consistent brand experiences. Non-die-cut boxes have more room for the packaging inside but do not offer as much protection as die-cut boxes. These types of packaging are typically used for retail displays.

Both die-cut and non-die-cut boxes have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are three main advantages and disadvantages of each type. Embossed finishes look best with rigid boxes, which are typically more durable. UV printing uses ultraviolet curing technology to quickly dry wet ink. This prevents the ink from spreading out and ensures sharp, vivid printing. Hot stamping uses a high temperature to adhere the design to the box.

CMYK printing

When it comes to printing on Vap Boxes, CMYK is a great option for high quality results. This method ensures that colors are accurate, but there is some risk of a slightly different look depending on the ink color you choose. CMYK printing is also cost-effective. However, there are some important considerations to make before deciding to use this method. We’ve listed a few below to help you make an informed decision.

CMYK inks are commonly used in flexographic and offset printing processes. While digital presses generally use only cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black), flexographic printers have the capability to print in four colors. Offset presses may also use CMYK inks, but they use a wider color range. Therefore, choosing a CMYK print method is an excellent choice if you’re unsure of the color scheme for your packaging.


Vape Boxes can be made of various materials, such as cardboard. Cardboard inserts are a good alternative to other materials for shipping because they are cheap and widely available. They also work like a cushion for the packaged vape, providing protection against jerks and vibrations. Moreover, they are lightweight, making them convenient to handle and load. Despite their inexpensive prices, cardboard inserts are still not a sustainable solution for packaging.

A full color two-sided blister insert card is standard size. They fit 6ml bottles, vapor cartridges, and blister packs. The price depends on your needs, and you can receive free artwork for your first order. Lead time is about 5-7 days when you order from our company. This option is an excellent choice for those looking for a quick and convenient way to customize their vape boxes. You can find different sizes of these cards by using our online template.


When it comes to choosing the right size of vape box, it’s important to know the dimensions of the box itself. While some models may be much smaller than others, they can still be quite bulky. The size of the box should be proportionate to the amount of vapor that the vape produces. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from. Here are some tips to choose the right box for your vaping needs.

. Custom tuck boxes can update the appearance of your product line and include a hang tab for easy merchandising. The custom sleeves are designed with a variety of add-ons for the perfect look and feel. Whether your brand is a new one or a longtime favorite, the sleeve box will surely draw in potential customers.

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