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Using Learning Technology to Improve Recruitment

by dmt.m.bilal

The phrase “battle for talent,” created by McKinsey’s Steve Hankin in 1997, is more relevant today than ever. As the fight continues, recruiters face ongoing challenges in recruiting, developing, and training personnel. According to the Workplace Learning Report 2017, over 69 percent of Learning and Development professionals prioritize talent acquisition and development. Click here to see Best HR Software in Pakistan.

Organizations are looking for appropriate learning technology solutions that can assist recruiters in proactively securing the right personnel.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality has made its way beyond the video game business. It is being employed in a wide range of applications, including human resources. This technology can be used in a variety of learning scenarios, ranging from simulations of real-life circumstances to fictional scenarios designed to assess applicants’ perception and competency levels. The capacity to gain workplace experience or train folks in difficult settings without the fear of failure and its consequences is perhaps the most significant advantage VR technology delivers.


Gamification is the use of gaming features in non-game settings. Organizations use game mechanics to assess many driving elements, such as employee ability and conduct. Recruiters utilize this technology to swiftly discover candidates with the necessary skill set for a certain employment post. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for talent engagement and attraction, as well as for encouraging communication and creating relationships with the talent pool. Because of its growing popularity, developers may now create bespoke applications with special features that can assist recruiters in hiring the best applicants.

Headhunting in Pakistan is also a primary skill of various businesses like PEOPLE AND PEOPLE PERFECT AE. They employ psychometric approaches to identify the most qualified candidates for a certain position. Combining such tactics with notions like as gamification can help you find talent that is a perfect fit for your firm.

Technology for SPOC and MOOC

Small private online courses (SPOCs) and massive open online courses (MOOCs) are excellent learning and development tools, particularly for onboarding and training. MOOC and SPOC technology can assist firms in determining how possible candidates react to difficulties and scenarios. They can be used to assess candidates’ cultural fit during the recruitment process. Click here to see best HR Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.


In order to make their recruiting process more effective and efficient, organizations should focus on innovating their recruitment approach and leveraging on growing L&D trends. When deploying a novel solution, deviating from old methods may not yield instant results. However, it will be useful in the long run in terms of evolving fresh candidates’ learning experiences.

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