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Using 7 Video Animation Strategies Like The Pros

by charlesmaynes
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Video Animation is surely a hectic task. And when your entire marketing campaign depends on it, you surely need tips from wherever they may come! If you are looking forward to adding animation or making your entire advert campaign look animated, you’re at the right place.

We will guide you through everything about optimizing your video animation outcomes and use video animation strategies that very few know about. If you feel you are lacking with the visuals, sound effects, or any other part of the process, don’t worry!  

The tools and techniques we recommend here will solve almost any hurdle. You can’t use this guide for your animation needs and website designing techniques as well! 

Moreover, the tools we recommend here are not so expensive as not to suit a small business. A small business with a limited marketing budget can easily squeez to follow the guidelines below. So scroll down to know more about our 7 key video animation strategies

1 – Use The Best Tools

What tools you use determines your work’s quality, speed, smoothness, and clarity. A poor animation tool will not let you add enough finishing to the design, no matter how hard you try!

Though these tools are not entirely free, they are not too expensive. Make sure to check out the packages each offers after you’re done reading the features. Below are the tools that will meet your imagination accurately: 

  • Animaker: This tool is mainly used if you wish to design amazing graphics in a short period. You get ready-made features that you have to aff or drag-drop. You also get pre-designed templates in which you can make minor adjustments. 

This tool’s video animation strategies are beginner-friendly and specially made for business needs. For instance, you can easily design infographics to include in the animation if it suits your purpose.

  • Windows Movie Maker: Although this is more of a video editing tool than an animation tool, we recommend this one too. Go for this tool if you have finalized all work, and a final touch-up is pending. 

You can add effects and share them with friends on Instagram or Facebook. You can even put your ideas into life from scratch here. Use products, backgrounds, layouts, and much more!

So make sure you upload your video here to check any edits needed. 

  • Renderforest: This one is a way more advanced tool than the previous two. If you wish to grow your business and have professionals, opt for Renderforest strategies. The features you get with this tool include slideshows, logo animations, and engagement strategies. 

The makers have also added explainer videos in recent versions to make it more beginner-friendly. So next time you look for some edgy tool with the best video animation strategies, Renderforest should come to your mind immediately! 

2 – Motion Videos

Since UX design gained popularity in the website designing area, UI Motion is also a popular technique on the graphics and animation side. You can learn this anywhere and add the feature to your videos to make them look more ‘professional.’ 

With the Motion UI, you can not only improve your ad via the best video animation strategies but also make your website more professionally animated. You get the freedom to add CSS transitions from a huge library and add effects you rarely find elsewhere! 

You can also search for video production services on google now. You get all the services you want with the UI Motion. 

3 – A Script That Connects

If your animation video uses a speaking male/female as the background as the TedED series, you need an excellent script. Scripts are also crucial when you are explaining infographics to the audience. Thus, make sure your script is not only well-written but well-narrated as well. 

By well-narrated, we mean that your script should be said aloud with emotions, and the audience should pay attention. If the speaker can not speak clearly or doesn’t answer the viewer’s queries, they are no good. 

4 – Sound Design And Visuals

One doesn’t need to have sound effects; you could also just put up a synchronized voice as the background of the video. A good sound effect in the environment can boost your sales and make people click on your ad more often.

Also, since social media is the only place where you are most likely to place an ad, the video animation strategies should align with social media trends. Old advertisements without motion or graphics are no good; the effort is wasted! 

On YouTube, as per the current statistic, people are watching 3 billion advertisement videos every month! That is, without getting irritated with those ads. Any amount above that will likely make you lose sales rather than gain them. 

5 – Brand Your Product

This is particularly important because you’re not showing off creativity here; you’re marketing a brand. Please make sure the audience knows what content they are viewing and what is the core message. You will utilize all the fundamentals you have learned above at this point. 

The purpose of your visuals, sound effects, and video animation strategies is to connect with the audience and leave an impact. Also, make sure that your animations reflect the theme of your brand. A shampoo advert can not use the same animations as a food ad animation video. 

Making a difference and looking unique is your goal. Remember, many competitors might be using animation to promote their business; yours has to shine out!

6 – Connect With The Audience

An engaging script is the first step to establishing a connection with the audience. Now since we have discussed that already, let’s move on. A funny video with humorous effects is more likely to become popular than a serious one. 

This tip is crucial in the age of social media and meme culture. You can share a funny animation among the audience and non-audience alike. Even if your video is not meant to be funny, start with a catchy and humorous statement before getting to the point. 

Remember, you don’t always have to jump to the goal; a ‘hook’ is necessary. 

7 – Be Informative

Finally, all the visuals, effects, themes, video animation strategies, and colors you add should be contributions only. You have to ‘inform’ your audience about something. Thus, ensure you add something to their knowledge rather than just pitching an idea. 

This knowledge can be regarding the problems your audience might face without using the brand or the advantages they will get by using the brand. You choose how you wish to convince them! 


In conclusion, you have to be careful when planning out the dynamics of your animation-based advertisement campaign. If you feel like you need more various tools to help you get across, try to google website services. 

However, remember that your primary focus is to remain within budget. If any of these video animation strategies work wonders for you, inform us!

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