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Uses of Glutathione

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Uses of Glutathione


Glutathione is an antioxidant agent. Mostly, it is composed of three amino acids: I-cysteine, I-glutamic acid, and glycine. Antioxidants, it is essential for a healthy gut. Therefore, it is considered an optimal immune system. However, it regulates and supports detoxification. It eliminates toxins, energy levels, and healthy aging.

Glutathione naturally occurs in every living cell. It is made within the body specifically in the liver. However, in today’s highly stressed and overly processed world. There are many factors that can deplete glutathione levels. It leads to elevated oxidative stress and leaves the patient or person feeling unwell.

Functions of Glutathione:

This question comes to everyone’s minds why is glutathione is so important? Best skin specialist in Islamabad. However, on a physiological level, it is essential for many functions within our body. Following are the list of essential functions:

  • Creation of DNA
  • Breaks down free radicals
  • Transportation of our cells
  • Regenerates antioxidants in our body
  • Can be use as a catalyst
  • It supports mitochondrial functions
  • It processes fat in the liver and gallbladder
  • Detoxification of toxins and other wastes

Glutathione for Acne Scar:

Glutathione supplements are highly famous among those who wish to lighten their skin tone. Did you know that their intake can be used as Acne Scar Treatment?


Mitochondrial Protection:

Most of us know that Mitochondria are the power plants of our cells. It converts food into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to use all the energy provided by our cells. However, if we compare our body with mitochondria, they are like the heart. They are responsible for the continuous pumping of ATP instead of blood. It does not involve any heartbeat.

Note: Without Mitochondria life ceases to exist.

Mitochondria can do more than just pump, they contain their own DNA. Each is responsible for communicating information. Mitochondrial are capable of sensing danger when the cell energy level drops and are involve in sending the final death message.

It is obvious that mitochondrial is essential for our body and it needs protection. Its job is like a knight who guards our resources of energy. Hence it plays an important role in the protection of mitochondria.

It makes sure that some toxins like heavy metals, organ toxins, and other actual byproducts are responsible for making energy by the mitochondria themselves.

Glutathione Recycling:

It takes a lot of energy for the recycling process. It recycles inactive GSSG back to active GSH. However, our cells consist of a large amount of glutathione. As a matter of fact, our cells contain glutathione as glucose, potassium, and cholesterol. As a result, we cannot survive without these substances.

Aging Defense:

Research shows that people who live in their 80s and more. They are found to have a high level of glutathione. Low levels of glutathione send messages and cause cell death. However, glutathione plays an important role at the cellular and mitochondrial levels.

It is beneficial for overall health and their longevity benefits are vast and wide. In last, the more presence of glutathione in your body, the healthier you, your mitochondria, and your cells will be. they are responsible for cellular breakdown, increased risk of disease, and cellular death.



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