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Top Two Types of Donuts You Shouldn’t Miss Out On In Australia

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chocolate iced donut

You would not like to miss any opportunity to savour a chocolate iced donut. Everyone in Australia likes and relishes doughnuts. Starting from children to old-aged people, everyone likes to grab a doughnut.

Australia’s doughnut culture is very old. It is one of the most popular confectionary sweet items across the country. For the last several years, doughnuts continue to rule parties and events. This popularity continues even today. Doughnuts are for all social occasions.

Whether it is a birthday party, social gathering in gardens, forests, seaside or poolside, people love doughnuts. Among the many varieties of doughnuts available in Australia, you can choose these two types of doughnuts:

  • Chocolate Iced Donut 
  • Australian Honey Cruller

Here is additional information about these types of doughnuts that you must know:

Chocolate Iced Donut

This is a soft doughnut and iced with chocolate glaze. It is filled with strawberry jam and tastes yummy. While the school children often carry it for breakfast, the iced doughnut is also served at parties and social gatherings held on special occasions at home, garden, and poolside parties.

A party is practically considered incomplete without the presence of baked doughnuts. The chocolate doughnut must be on the menu for the guests.

Australian Honey Cruller

It is another doughnut, which is popular across Australia. Honey Cruller Donut is baked and soft. It has a light honey glaze, which makes it tantalizing. A box of crispy honey doughnuts can be carried anywhere and everywhere. It is light and crunchy. People of all ages love Australian Honey Cruller doughnuts.

You can find a wide variety of doughnuts in all major outlets and confectionary stores in Australia. The primary reason behind this pan-Australia availability is its popularity among all sections of people. It does not have any age bar.

In Conclusion

The doughnut culture of Australia can be understood by the fact that there are a large variety of doughnuts available in the country. Among doughnuts, the demand for Chocolate Iced Donuts is very high. Likewise, glazed doughnuts are also mouth-watering. Doughnuts make the optimum use of sugar, starch, and fat.

If you want to know more about doughnuts, you should visit Barnetts Bakery, Crescent Head, NSW. This 50-year-old bakery store is the best place to gorge on delicious doughnuts. You will get a wide variety of doughnuts here: Strawberry Iced doughnuts, Chocolate Iced doughnuts, Jam doughnuts, Caramel Iced doughnuts, and many more.

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