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Top Things to Consider While Buying a Fireproof Gun Safe

by KGBSecurity
Fireproof Gun Safe

For centuries, fire has been both friend and foe to mankind. While there is no doubt that it helped usher in the modern era, fire is often the cause of many disasters. If you own a gun, the last thing you want is for your firearms to go near the blazing fire. If you own a gun, the last thing you want is for your firearms to go near the blazing fire. Find the best fireproof gun safe in Brisbane.

But, if a fire does happen in your apartment or home office, how do you keep your firearms safe? Will you have enough time to flee and retrieve your weapon before you can defend yourself? 

Well, even if you have the time, you should still prioritize your safety before you pick up your firearm.

And if you keep your weapon safe in the best fireproof gun safe, you won’t need to worry about anything. Thanks to this wise investment, you will be able to protect your firearms without putting yourself in danger.

However, there are a few more things to consider about before buying this item. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this in-depth guide to a fire-resistant gun safe that will help you appreciate this equipment to the fullest.

What To Look Before Buying a Fireproof Gun Safe?

We all know, that investing in a fireproof gun safe isn’t easy. If you’re nascent into the subject, then it is easy to get lost in the flurry of specifications and technical terms you may come across while looking for this device.

Although most of the niche listings you’ll find are marketing strategies, there are some aspects that tell you about the quality and performance of the product before you even have a chance to try it yourself. Yes, definitely, you must learn to recognize these aspects in order to have the ideal shopping experience.

This is where we enter the picture. We’ll walk you through the elements that are critical to the functioning of the best fireproof gun safe so that you, as a consumer, can get the most bang for your buck.

Security System

The locking system is quite important in any gun safe. Although the pressure on the locking mechanism in a fireproof gun cabinet is not too severe, it is still prudent to exercise caution when investing your hard-earned money.

The digital keypad or analog key locks are the most common locking methods found in fireproof units. Since biometric scanners are easily destroyed when gun safes are exposed to severe temperatures, biometric security is not routinely used.

Whether you choose a digital or analog locking system, make sure the lock is of high quality. If the gun safe has a digital keypad, it should be responsive and allow the appropriate number of entry codes to be set up. Yes, the quality of keys and locks of mechanical equipment should be flawless

Fire Rating

The fire rating is the first thing you should look for if you are looking for a fire-resistant gun safe. But before you do, you should know that the term “fireproof gun safe” is overused.

If you let this unit burn indefinitely, eventually heat and flames will enter. The word “fire rating” refers to the ability of a gun safe to withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. The device also shows you how high a temperature it can tolerate, or what temperature it is capable of withstanding. For example, the fire rating of a gun safe maybe 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour.

The fire rating of different gun safes can vary wildly. Smaller models may not have the same level of fire resistance as larger models. However, they offer the quality of portability, which means that if a fire breaks out, you can keep the gun safe with you while on the run.

High-quality Construction

The overall build quality of a Gun Safe is just as important as the thickness of the material. These days, a number of manufacturing techniques are used to further strengthen gun safe exit protection.

Of course, this is an important feature to look for in any gun safe, whether it is fireproof or not.

In fact, design improvements such as concealed joints or automated deadbolts are always worthwhile investments because they provide complete protection for your belongings.

Another key aspect to consider is concealed hinges, which reinforce the gun safe’s prying and impact defenses.

Material Thickness

The overall defensive capabilities of a gun safe against fire are also determined by the thickness of the wall and the materials used in its construction. Yes, as a rule of thumb, the thicker the steel,  the more resistant it is to fire and high temperatures. That’s why it is important that you secure the gun with adequate housing

The thickness of a gun safe is usually determined by the steel gauge used in its construction. It can be as thin as 5-gauge steel for portable equipment or as thick as 18-gauge steel for heavy machinery. When it comes to fire protection, however, a minimum thickness of 8 gauge is required.

Even less, you risk allowing heat to enter the gun safe, causing damage to your guns and other valuables. When buying a fireproof gun safe, one of the most typical beginner mistakes is forgetting to check the thickness of the material, which you as a savvy buyer should avoid.

Interior Options

For some people, the interior of a fireproof gun vault isn’t the most important feature. Yes, a huge internal space in a gun safe may not be necessary for those who just need strong protection for some firearms and important documents. If you are one of them you can safely ignore this part.

In fact, if you’re a gun collector then a huge gun vault with multiple internal compartments would be advantageous. Adjustable and detachable shelves, adjustable and rounded barrel rests, and other organizational features can be found in some fireproof long gun safes.

Yes, of course, individuals have different needs for interior space. Before purchasing a certain gun safe take a step back and analyze your storage needs. Large gun safes are inconvenient to transport while providing excellent storage. On the other hand, small gun safes are ideal if you want excellent protection on the go.

You can even carry these gun safes with you on a car trip or on an airplane flight. A smaller gun safe may be more suitable for those who have limited storage demands.

Water Resistance

The advantage of buying a fireproof gun safe is that you can also get water resistance as a bonus. Although not all gun safes have built-in water resistance, there are enough of them that you should strongly consider buying one that does.

If you take a look at select products from KGB Security, you will find that almost all of them have some amount of water resistance. And, it doesn’t usually come at an additional cost.

Undoubtedly, a fireproof gun safe with excellent water resistance is recommended for those seeking ultimate security.

Testing Method

Yes, the method used to verify the fire resistance of a gun safe can help you understand its authenticity. Since you can’t test fire resistance without setting your apartment on fire, it’s hard to tell the difference between marketing hype and a product’s real-world performance.

On the other hand, reputable brands often send their products to be tested by other parties to ensure that they are fire-resistant. If you’re unsure about a product, see how it was rated as well as its performance results. In many circumstances, this is as important as the fire rating of a gun safe.

Brand Value

When it comes to buying a fireproof gun safe, sticking to well-known manufacturers is generally a good option. Brands that have been in business for a long time and are industry leaders are here because of their commitment to the customer. Using a shady off-brand device may not yield the best results.

In most cases, well-known brands also provide excellent customer service. This means that if you receive a defective unit, the firm will help you replace it or find a solution to your problem.

It’s also comforting to know that if something goes wrong with a fireproof gun safe, the manufacturers will be there to help.

Final Thoughts

If you own a gun, whether it is a large rifle or a small pistol, you will need a premium gun safe. Investing in a gun safe for your firearms can ensure that no tragic incidents happen, especially if they fall into the wrong hands. In addition, firearms can also be damaged by flames if they are not stored properly! It’s a good idea to acquire a fireproof gun safe if you live in an area where fires are a possibility. 

Are you looking for the best fireproof gun safe to protect your firearms from both fire and flooding? The gun safe from KGB Security is fireproof and waterproof, ensuring that the stored firearms are safe in the case of a fire or flood. We spent many hours researching and inventing gun safes that protect stored valuables to some degree.

When buying a gun safe, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right one. On the market, there are many different types of safes, each with its own set of security measures. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with seeking help when you’re choosing your best fireproof gun-safe Brisbane. With our handy guide, you should have all the information you need to make a wise investment. Hopefully, you will find our in-depth guide informative and interesting.

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