by Parker R. Brody

Moving to a new house can be overwhelming. However, it is important to have your home inspected by professionals. A professional home and building inspector will be able to identify any structural or electrical problems, as well as potential mold issues. They can also help you repair these issues and maintain your property’s beauty. It can be difficult to choose a trustworthy inspector and feel confident in their work. Here are five key questions you should ask before you hire a building and home inspector.

Top Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home And Building Inspector

1. What are their qualifications?

Ask about the credentials of your potential home inspector. Is your home inspector certified by an accredited association? APHIS is a top-rated Association in Alberta with the highest standards. A good association will direct prospective inspectors in the right direction to ensure they receive the best training and know where to find it.

2. What tools do they use?

What tools do inspectors bring with them? Is the inspector properly trained to use these tools? Do they have a level 2 thermography certification if an inspector arrives with a thermal imaging camera? Do they have borescopes, electrical testers and moisture meters? Before you enlist their services, it is important to ask these questions.

3. Are you required to be present for the inspection?

Is it recommended that you attend the inspection? Some inspectors don’t like clients present during the inspection. The client should be present during the home inspection in Airdrie AB to allow the inspector to discuss their findings and the maintenance of the building. Because I spend extra time to make sure my client is happy with whether they purchase the property and with its maintenance, I consider myself a teacher.

4. When will the report be delivered?

The report must be received within 24 hours. Lanron Inspections takes great pride in delivering your report as quickly as possible. Most reports are delivered to the client and their agent within three hours after completion of the inspection. Computer generated reports include detailed explanations and photos. We also offer our clients approximately 500 pages of additional information about the operation of a house.

5. Is the inspector available to inspect the work after it is completed?

After the inspection is complete, will the inspector still be available to the clients? This question should be answered positively by your building inspector and home inspector. Many clients contact us years later to ask questions about their home and who to call for contractors. We can also recommend the best products or services.

Lanron Inspections is a trusted home inspector in Calgary, Alberta. We have inspected more than 5000 homes and buildings. We provide services to clients in Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks as well as Strathmore and Cochrane. We also educate our clients about maintaining their homes.

Ask for referrals and check reviews

Who are you most trusted? Your family and friends are most likely the ones you trust. You should reach out to your family and friends when researching home inspectors within your area.

A friend or family member who has recently purchased a home may be a candidate. You may need to meet with multiple inspectors before you decide to hire the one that is most comfortable.

Next, read their reviews. You can find reviews on websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List and Google. The reviews you read should help you determine whether the inspector is right for your home.

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