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Top 6 Evolving Trends in Android Application Development

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Just as the smartphone sales are booming, the Mobile application development trademarks the media’s success. Mobile application development is increasing at an extraordinary pace. And to thrive in this advancing situation, we need to keep up with changing trends. While Android application development trends come and go, it is critical to assess the most recent technological advancements and seize opportunities.

Android application trends in 2022  

Here are some of the changing trends in Android application development. 

1. Augmented reality and Virtual reality 

Pokémon Go’s success was quick, but it cleared the path for augmented reality in smartphone application development. It demonstrated to the rest of the world that virtual reality uses to provide users with an immersive experience. 

If we look around today, we can see many examples of brands using AR and VR to improve the user experience. Ikea, L’Oréal, and Lenskart are some to name. In addition, Apple, Google, and Meta are introducing AR and VR technologies to the market. 

2. Android application and its architecture 

Google’s architecture guidelines lay out the best practices for developing Android application to create high-performance and reliable apps. Android architecture components are a fantastic place to start when creating stable apps. 

Developers can use Architecture components to develop apps with less strenuous code and more focus on the app. Android application architecture will assist Android app developers in creating solid apps. It also clears up any confusion around design patterns for Android, like MVC, MVP, or MVVM. 

3. Rise of 5G technology 

Compared to 4G networks, 5G technology offers unbeatable speed and capability. 5G embodies data communication for building a high-performance and feature-rich app to increase corporate performance. It has, nevertheless, become a buzzword this year. Technology companies have begun to integrate 5G and 5G-enabled gadgets on the market. Apps will be faster, smoother, and more efficient because of 5G technology. It will also provide opportunities for innovation.  

4. Google assistant or Chatbots 

Chatbots will be in high demand in the coming year. They are revolutionizing how businesses communicate with customers and solve problems. Chatbot development is being adopted by several firms, including on-demand services such as food delivery, E-commerce, and retail. 

Furthermore, Chatbots are altering how businesses communicate with clients via mobile devices. Chatbots make it possible for mobile app services to answer consumer requests. Food delivery services, transportation services, and internet shopping are some of the best examples.

 5. Artificial Intelligence 

AI has helped mobile apps and businesses in reaching new heights. It can handle everything from managing your products to Chatbots for a better client experience. Furthermore, AI has reduced the need for human labor in various operations. With lowering the risk of human error in the maintenance of these programs. As a result, AI has improved activity accuracy and has also emerged as a cost-effective technique in mobile app development. AI has also enhanced data security and cybercrime. 

6. Blockchain technology 

During the Cryptocurrency boom, we first heard about Blockchain. However, technology has progressed significantly and is now used in various fields. It is expanding at a rapid pace. Blockchain technology is causing a stir in a variety of businesses. 

The popularity of Blockchain and Blockchain app development is surging to new heights. It is evolving based on security, Blockchain architecture, and consortium architecture. In addition, currency converters that use Blockchain to store digital assets and secure digital identities are becoming more common. 


Mobile app business will continue to grow with time, and the mobile app development industry will vary. Mobile app solutions will continue to be steered by emerging technologies. For more consideration, Android application development services for better application development. 

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