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Top 5 Steps to Get Organic YouTube views

by Debanjan

With 1.5 billion subscribers, YouTube is the second-largest of all the well-known social networking sites. Teenagers are quite active on the network, and the majority claim that YouTube is their preferred platform over all others. That’s also the reason it’s not surprising that last year saw the first time that digital ad spend overtook television. The new TV is quickly emerging as YouTube.

Out of all the popular social media platforms, YouTube is the second-largest coming in at 1.5 billion users. Teens are highly active on the platform and the majority say they use YouTube over all other platforms. That’s also why it comes at no surprise that digital ad spend surpassed television for the first time last year. And for content creators it is a goldmine for getting organic youtube views. So it’s very natural that YouTube is fastly becoming the new TV.

How does YouTube rank videos?

Following factors are used by YouTube to rank videos:

  • video calibre
  • Streaming keywords
  • video duration
  • View count metrics for user experience

If there’s one thing to keep in mind, it’s that YouTube gives videos a significant ranking based on viewership duration. Similar to popular websites, YouTube detects high-quality material and prioritises it in search results if viewers are watching a video for a longer period of time.

Given that users are spending more time on YouTube, it seems sense to incorporate a long-form video approach to maintain audience interest. Don’t shy away from uploading lengthier videos, even when some content is appropriate for shorter ones.

YouTube videos also rank in Google search results. Here’s how you can increase the chances of ranking:

  • Create “How-To” content
  • Create Tutorials
  • Incorporate humor

Top 5 Steps to Get Organic YouTube views 

Increasing traffic on YouTube has become difficult for marketers because of the large number of subscribers, channels, and watchers on the network. The following advice has been prepared to get organic YouTube videos.

1. Conduct thorough keyword research:

The keywords in the channel description, video titles, video descriptions, and tags are all taken into consideration by YouTube’s algorithm. What on YouTube are my potential customers searching for? Utilize this knowledge to explore the methods your audience uses to find that content. Do people type “How to” or are they trying to find anything more specific?

A fantastic place to start is with YouTube auto-suggest. Imagine your video is on how to style damaged jeans. With the help of YouTube auto-suggest, you may learn about the most popular searches and get a solid idea of what to call your video.

2. Optimize your videos (before and after uploading)

Clearly, this is the most crucial action. Before and after uploading, optimization is essential to successfully increase organic YouTube views.

  • suggestions for enhancing before uploading
  • Make excellent videos and employ professional editing
  • When naming your upload file, use a main term.
  • After uploading, optimization pointers
  • Create titles with 1-2 keywords that are natural and clear.
  • titles shouldn’t be more than 70 characters.
  • Use low-competition, high-volume keywords in your descriptions.
  • Use a major keyword throughout the 100–200 word description of each video.
  • To stand out in search results, upload a unique thumbnail.
  • Include topical, pertinent video tags
  • Keep your viewers’ expectations realistic and information natural 

3. Fill out the about section

The area of your company’s YouTube profile that describes your channel and tells the story of your business is perfect real estate for implementing market keywords. Include as much information as you can, such as links to your company website and social media profiles. The “Advanced” section of channel settings is where you may find keyword meta tags to define your channel.

4. Follow a consistent upload schedule

The more videos you publish, the more prominently YouTube will perceive your channel as active. This could entail blogging once, twice, or even every two weeks.

Posting should take place at times when your target audience is most engaged on the platform and your upload schedule should remain consistent.

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5. Find smart ways to engage your viewers

Finally, think of original ways to interest your audience to keep them watching. As previously mentioned, YouTube gives videos a strong ranking based on viewership. Retention of viewers and a high view rate are important aspects of organic performance.

Other techniques to engage your audience include:

  • Solicit their subscription
  • Include cards and end screens to point viewers to further videos.
  • creating playlists for your videos
  • Hold captivating competitions
  • Never stop optimizing

To naturally draw in more YouTube users and get organic youtube views, optimization is essential. The ability to stand out in YouTube’s competitive search results depends heavily on the quality of the video and the strategic use of keywords in the titles, descriptions, and tags.

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