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Top 5 Misconceptions When Buying A Used Car

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Top 5 Misconceptions When Buying A Used Car

People often go back from buying used cars due to some misconceptions. The stories of people who bought cars from unreliable sellers, and suffered, created this wrong impression about second-hand cars. You don’t have to be concerned while buying a used car from a trusted dealer. They would offer you a tested and maintained car only. Such dealerships will offer exclusive after-sales support as well. Here are the top 5 misconceptions when buying a used car.

1. Used Cars Will Become Defective Repeatedly

Not at all. You are purchasing a car from someone. Although it is not a new one, the car is not junk.  The car will function as a new car. Nonetheless, you must opt only for a trustworthy car dealer for buying the car. The team at the dealership would have checked the documents, inspected the car thoroughly, and made the necessary repair/ recondition/ refurbishment before placing it for sale.

Common reasons for selling the old car are:

  •  The person wants to buy the latest model
  • The family has grown and it requires a bigger vehicle than the present one
  • The owner and family are relocating to the foreign
  •  Nobody at home for using the car as the parents have become old

2.  A Used Car will Not Have Enough Features

Used or new, the features available depend on the model. You can approach a multi-brand used car dealership to check out various models. Find the one that is suitable for you. Else, you can go through reviews regarding the car models and choose the car with the features you are looking for. In the present scenario, you can get any car second-hand. Therefore, there is no question about the lack of features or ample safety. You can check out car models from different brands and go for the one that meets your requirement. You can get even the latest model at a good price if you want.

This is a meaningless conception because:

  •  You can get any car model from a multi-brand used car dealership
  • Unlike before, there are several second-hand car dealers for you to choose from
  •  If a specific model is not available at a dealership, you can approach the next one

3. No Resale Value for Used Cars

Our observation tells us that used cars have more resale value. Only thing is that the car must be a well-maintained one. Buying a second-hand car from a reliable dealership, that offers exclusive after-sales support, will help you maintain the car properly. In the case of a new car, the value would start diminishing the moment you start using it. The loss a person incurs while selling a new one would be much higher than that of selling a used car. A simple analysis of the market will tell you that used cars in Kerala have significant resale value.

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4. Maintenance Cost of a Used Car is Very High

The maintenance cost of a used car will vary depending on the model, age, and usage. In no way it is on the higher side. By purchasing the car from a dependable dealership that offers after-sales service and support, you are just eliminating this issue. The maintenance cost of a used car is a way similar to a new car. Nevertheless, you must examine the car thoroughly before selecting it. Some of the models are known for higher maintenance costs than others. You can get expert advice regarding the model before purchasing a used car.

5. It is Better to Buy from Individual Sellers than a Dealer

It is vice versa! You are not aware of the vehicle, its performance, or the exact condition when you are buying the car from an individual seller. You may have to believe whatever he or she says. Of course, you can undertake a test drive and inspect the car with a mechanic known to you. Both of these have limitations and would not offer much insight into the internal condition of components. Moreover, you would be paying a hefty commission to the car broker, who mediates the deal. At the same time, you are getting a checked and corrected vehicle when you buy it from a trusted second-hand car dealer. A few of the top dealers do not charge an unnecessary commission. Helping you to save that money as well.

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