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Top 5 High Schools in Dubai

by sahilkhan

Dubai is one of the most modern and future-looking places in the world. This is evident in its futuristic development projects and the outstanding infrastructure that it boasts. It affords one of the best standards of living in the world and the fact that ex-pats from every corner of the globe flock to Dubai are testimony to its allure. The millions of ex-pats who live and work in Dubai have access to some of the best housing, excellent transportation facilities, and outstanding schools to send their children to. As a matter of fact, Dubai has some of the best kids’ nurseries and high schools anywhere in the world. Let’s get a lowdown on these-

Best Kids Nursery School in Dubai

Global Indian International School, Dubai

Global Indian International School Dubai is one of the best-known private school in Dubai that offers holistic education from the primary school level to the high school level. It boasts a world-class campus replete with the most modern facilities and amenities. Its teachers are some of the best in the world with extensive experience and the best qualification.

The school offers the Global Montessori Plus as well as the CBSE curricula to its students. The school is especially popular with the substantial number of Indian ex-pats living in Dubai. They like the fact that it offers an Indian syllabus to its students-something that stands them in good stead in obtaining admission to the top Indian colleges and universities after school.

Heartland International School Dubai

Hartland International School Dubai is again one of the Emirate’s most popular international schools. It provides a stellar education under the auspices of the National Curriculum of England. Not only does the school provide stellar British education to its students studying in classes ranging from the primary to the high school level, but it also has an out-of-the-world campus providing some outstanding facilities. These include the best infrastructure in terms of sports and cultural activities. Students at Heartland International School Dubai receive the most holistic possible education and this reflects in their all-around performance in academics and other fields.

GEMS International School

This is one of the premier international IB schools in Dubai and has since its founding in 2013 earned quite a sterling education for the quality of the education provided by it to students. It is not surprising then that the school has students and staff from over 88 countries. The school provides the best possible education to students starting from the kindergarten level right up to the high school level.

GEMS International School Dubai provides the best possible environment for its students to be acquainted with things like coding, robotics, and digital skills necessary for today’s world. Among the facilities provided by the school are science, technology, visual and performing arts classrooms, black box theater, cafeteria, library, dance floor, and so on. Receiving an education here is a truly life-altering experience.

American School of Dubai

They found this school more than half a century ago in 1966 to cater to the educational needs of the children of American ex-pats in Dubai. It has since grown to be amongst the most well-respected international schools in Dubai. The American School of Dubai follows a curriculum that is geared to preparing its students for admission to American colleges and universities. So quite naturally, the school is quite a favorite with the ex-pats living in Dubai.

The fact that it provides an education right from the age of 3 years to 18 makes it the obvious choice for those ex-pats who want their children to receive a perfect American-style education. No wonder the school has as many as 1900 students on its rolls.

Cambridge International School Dubai

Cambridge International School Dubai is very popular amongst those ex-pats who would like to provide their children with British schooling. The popularity of this school can be gauged because the school boasts of as many as 3500 students hailing from over 85 countries. Its sprawling campus has two parts-the primary schools and a secondary school catering to every need of the students. Among the facilities provided by the school are a large covered swimming pool, indoor playing area, cricket nets, multipurpose hall, and a score of other facilities.


The schools of Dubai are as good as any anywhere in the world. They play a critical role in Dubai’s economy by enabling ex-pat professionals to work and live there along with their families. That apart, these schools play a stellar role in shaping the future of the new generation of Dubai citizens.

The Dubai schools are role models to other countries in the region. They provide a perfect template for how to cater to the diverse educational needs of children of ex-pats from every corner of the world.




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