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Top 5 App Categories Which Will Shape Your Business in Post Covid World

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We don’t know how long the COVID pandemic will last. This is the reason many businesses out there are preparing their businesses for the new normal. Companies that are adaptable and innovative are enhancing their skill beyond imagination. Although industries such as hospitality, retail, and travel will take time to normalize, a few sectors such as gaming, video streaming, eCommerce, and initiative for work-from-home solutions have emerged as instant saviors in this new normal era. Everything that can be done online is becoming digital. Simultaneously, Mobile App are not only becoming highly profitable and popular, but they are also having a significant impact in assisting people in maintaining social distance and staying safe during this outbreak. So, to be honest, we cannot imagine our lives in a post-COVID world without mobile apps.

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1. Grocery Applications

Nobody can survive without food. As a result, grocery apps are one of the most important app categories that have seen success during the pandemic. People are afraid of becoming infected with the virus, so they are hesitant to leave their homes to go grocery shopping. Grocery apps come into play here. These apps keep up with the increase in demand and feed people safely. During the global crisis, the most popular grocery apps such as Target, Shipt, Instacart, and Walmart received a massive number of downloads. Grocery applications have gone from barely being an option to becoming an absolute necessity during the pandemic.

2. FinTech Applications 

FinTech, or finance, is another app category that is rapidly growing in popularity. Because of economic uncertainty and the inability to visit banks, many people have turned to mobile apps to manage their money. According to App Annie, the total time spent on finance applications increased by nearly 55% in Q1 2020. In South Korea and Japan, the increase was even greater, at 90% and 85%, respectively. In April 2020, a FinTech app called Robinhood ranked first in its category on app stores, increasing by 260%. Paying bills, using bank accounts, and transferring funds, as well as stock monitoring, trading, investing, and personal finance management, have all become possible thanks to mobile apps.

3. Healthcare Applications

Among all mobile app development companies in Gurgaon, Healthcare apps have come to the rescue at a critical time when everyone is concerned about their health. Because we are not doing as much physical activity these days, healthcare apps such as fitness apps, meditation apps, medical care apps, and mental health apps are assisting people in staying healthy both physically and mentally.

4. e-Learning Applications

Lockdown not only encouraged students to use online resources but also inspired many people to try and excel at new skills in order to pass the time. Famous online language apps like Duolingo, for example, saw a 148% increase in registration during March 2020 in the United States as the research says. 

5. Food Delivery Applications

Many cafes and restaurants struggled to take takeaway orders in order to stay open after closing their doors repeatedly during the lockdown. Some food delivery services, such as UberEats, waived delivery fees for independent restaurants in order to assist them in remaining open during the pandemic.

Wrapping up

Users are spending more time on mobile apps, from managing their health and wealth to learning new skills. An application that assists people in maintaining social distance has a better chance of thriving in the near future. It’s an excellent time for novel ideas, well-executed visions, and forward-thinking creativity. So, if you have an app concept, now is the time to make it a reality!

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