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Top 4 Email Tracking Tools for your Business

by neomirav
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How you are doing with your business email marketing? Are you tired of using the native CRMs, services, and custom code to make a real-time email tracking and measurement tool for your subscribers? Now it’s time to stop worrying about that. There are tons of email tracking tools for your business. Whether you want it for your sales activities or customer support, there is an app for that. We made a list of some of the best email tracking tools available today. You can use them to track email open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, and test subject lines.

List of best email tracking tools for your business:


In the world of marketing, email tracking tools are a critical aspect of keeping track of customer engagement.

A good email tracking tool will provide both visibility into your emails and analytics that you can use to keep your campaigns on track.

One of the best out there is HubSpot.

However, the paid plan has unlimited users and you can add up to one million contacts.


Test your landing pages.

Create different variations of your landing pages to find which one works best with your audience.

With Visual Website Optimizer, you can test headlines, buttons, forms, and more.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to create variations of your site without the need to code or have any technical knowledge.

You can select the elements on your page that you want to test, whether that’s headlines, buttons, forms, and more. Then you can create different versions of these elements and publish them on your site.

When a visitor comes to your site, VWO will show them a randomly selected version of your page for the duration of the test. You’ll be able to see which variation performs best in real-time.


Driving traffic to your site is so much easier than it used to be.

Now, instead of a simple buy-sell transaction between you and your customer, you have to compete against dozens of other companies, who are all vying for the same audience.

It’s never been more critical than it is right now that you know exactly what your competition is up to.

That’s where Semrush comes in. Semrush is a powerful suite of tools that provides you with an unrivalled amount of information on the digital marketing activities of your competitors. They offer over 50 tools that help you compete against your competitors—in SEO, social media, advertising, PR, and more.

It’s widely regarded as an SEO tool, but that may be selling it a bit short as the software offers several other digital marketing features.

We also knew we wanted to focus on providing our users with an intuitive experience, so they wouldn’t have to sift through pages of instructions before they could get started. That’s why we integrated our email tracking tool into Slack—it’s a tool you’re already using every day anyway! Now you can get notifications when recipients open your emails right in your existing communication platform. You won’t have to switch back and forth between programs or miss important communications because you’re stuck in your inbox.

Choose the best email tracking tool for your business

Email tracking tools are typically used by businesses that sell products and services. These tools help to nurture leads and find the email addresses of potential customers. Several startups have made finding email addresses a core part of their business model. So if you are running a business online (or thinking about creating one), you should consider an email tracker to help you build your database and your marketing efforts. This type of software can be leveraged for inbound marketing, outbound sales, lead generation, and more, but the best way to decide if it’s right for you is to read our reviews above.

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