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Top 10 tips to care for your lips in winter

by jackreacher101

The lips in the area of the face were experienced the most in the winter. The lips’ skin and its contour are particularly sensitive and thin. Heating, in addition to the winter cold, can cause a dry environment and abrupt temperature changes that have an immediate impact on the skin.

Is Castor Oil Good For Lips? The lips consist of a muscular portion (the red part), the skin covering it, and salivary cells. They don’t have sebaceous glands that protect them from the cold.

Also, they are fragile because of their fineness and sensitiveness. They can be repaired very quickly, however. This skin gets thinner with age and becomes more fragile.

The lips are also sensitive to pain and more vulnerable to temperature changes, wind, cold, and humidity because they are heavily irrigated with veins and many nerve endings. It does not have any natural fat so we need to use products that create a protective layer.


These tips can be used to protect them from the cold during winter.

Use a lip balm

A lip balm with shea butter, petroleum jelly, beeswax (or another wax), vitamin E, vitamin E and/or oils like argan or olive. These ingredients nourish the lips and create an occlusive protective layer (coating) to protect them from the cold. We don’t usually cover them.

Avoid suckling or wetting

Wet lips in cold environments will cause water to evaporate, leading to more dryness and fragility.

Use glitter or glossy.

Apply lip gloss or gloss to dry, permanent lipsticks. It is recommended to apply gloss or Vaseline over tattoo-like colors. It shouldn’t be too cold to make it easier to apply.

Use a repairing mask at night.

A restorative lip mask can be used at night. You can purchase masks, but you can also make your own by mixing argan oil with honey and some drops of mint essential oils until you have a dough. You can also add vitamin E capsules to the mixture by puncturing them. After the mask has been prepared, you should apply it with your finger. It should remain on the skin for between 2 and 4 hours.

Before you repair, exfoliate.

It is better to exfoliate the lips gently if the lips are cracked before applying a repairing cream. It is better to exfoliate the lips the next day than to apply a repairing mask if the lips are chapped.

Heat can cause heat damage.

Protect your lips when you go to saunas or take very hot showers. Although it may not be obvious at first, the lips will become dry and more sensitive over time, especially after being exposed to cold or wind.


It’s best to drink water every day. They are the most vulnerable area to becoming dehydrated. Skin will crack. You should remember that spicy and salty foods can lead to dehydration. Drinking water is better than alcohol because it does not hydrate.

Sun protection.

Remember, especially when we are going to the snow, that your lip balm should have at least 30 SPF. They are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. In the snow, the sun’s reverberation can be much greater.

A scarf is a great choice.

A scarf or handkerchief can be a great way to protect our lips, especially when it is windy and we often breathe through our mouths. We should also avoid cold air, which can cause sore throats and colds. A humidifier is recommended for a home to moisturize the lips and reduce dryness from heating.

Always have lipstick

To make repeat applications easy, always have your lipstick handy. Also, keep it in your pocket. Children are also important, so I suggest applying lip balm to something other than the lips. This will protect the contour of the lips since little ones often lick their lips.

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