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Tips to teach your kids snowshoeing: Step-by-step guide

by Liana1999

If you are a parent that means you are also a full-time teacher, trainer, cook, etc. Living in a cold country and not going snowshoeing is a shame, my friend. It’s worse if you go on a holiday in such a country and don’t go snowshoeing. Why not go and have a good time with your kids, teach them snowshoeing, and believe me that they are going to be happy and excited.

It’s an excellent idea for a family activity, as it’s fun, easy and exciting. And also, you just need three things for that snowshoe (kids’ snowshoes), snow, and a good mood.

Right snowshoes for your kids

Firstly, find out the best snowshoes for your kid. Here you need to consider person + pack weight, as kids do not carry heavy packs, so pay attention to the kid’s weight.

For kids less than 100 pounds they usually suggest a 14” or 16” snowshoe. You also don’t need to worry about buying snowshoes every winter as they are going to fit them. Just go to the shop or if you are going to order, order with your child so they will participate and get excited and get ready for the upcoming adventure.

Best snowshoes are the ones that are loved by your child, but also you need to find the right brand so your child will be comfortable while snowshoeing. If you don’t know any brands just google it, for example, “kids snowshoes Canada” or “Snowshoes for sale Canada” and you will have some idea of existing brands, if you read reviews you will have information about their quality as well.

Enjoy the process

Kids usually get excited easily but also, they easily lose interest in new activities. In order to prevent that you should make the practice fun and easy. So, start with small steps, start out on terrain, or in a yard, and explain how to take poles, or how to wear snowshoes.

Hold your kid’s hand when you practice so they won’t be afraid of falling. Also, teach them to fall correctly, as not always they can keep their balance.

Benefits of snowshoeing

There are so many benefits of snowshoeing not only for your kids but also for you. Nowadays kids like playing video games, and watching cartoons and with that, they consume a lot of fast food and candies, but also, they don’t like to work out. Snowshoeing it’s the best way to drag your kids out of the house and bring them out to nature, to the cold, fresh air. Snowshoeing it’s a unique kind of workout not only for your kids but also for you.

You will be fit after regularly snowshoeing, and you will spend some time with your family as well. Nowadays we need communication, as always, we are on our phones and we need more human faces, especially our kids’ faces.


As snowshoeing is an easy activity you can engage also grandparents, as spending time with them is not always possible because of the chosen activities by the younger generation. You can take your time and talk to them, listen to their needs, as well as breathe fresh air from the snowy mountains.

If you make some snacks, it will be great! As you will take your time and have something to eat while resting and talking to your family, also kids are always getting hungry unexpectedly, so you will be ready for that as well.

After snowshoeing, you can go to the sauna, to warm your body, or you can go to your wooden house in the heart of the mountains and make a delicious dinner. Spend time with your family, and after, make some tea and have some time for yourself.

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