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Tips To Select The Appropriate Size For Baby Shoes

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Buying baby shoes not only confuses parents for the stuff, design, and shape of the shoes but also the size of the baby shoes as well. This is because local brands come in different size categorizations of baby shoes and it is hard to figure out which size for a particular brand is relevant for the baby. Even if you are buying baby shoes with age then also every brand size keeps different standards for age-specific shoes for babies. So it is a huge challenge for parents to select the right size shoes for their baby. Following tips for buying baby shoes will help all such parents who are not able to make mind selecting the right size of baby shoes for their baby.

Why do you need to choose the right size for baby shoes?

If you will not choose the right size of shoe for your baby then it will cause a huge discomfort for you and your baby as well. This is because if the size is bigger than the feet of your baby then the shoe will come out again and again making it a hurdle for parents to put it on to their baby’s feet time and again. On the contrary, if the baby’s shoe is tight the child will feel his feet in a tight sack. That is why it is essential to know the right size for your baby’s shoe.

Can we rely on standard shoe sizes for babies based on age?

Baby shoes mostly come in age-specified sizes and you can refer to these sizes if you know the length of your baby feet. This is because the age-specified sizes of baby shoes also reflect the length of the feet for every age group and you can easily choose the shoes in which age group your baby falls in. There are websites selling baby shoes online in India and all these sites specify the length of the shoe along with the age of the baby thus making it easier for the parents to buy baby shoes for them.

A Complete guide for baby shoes size

Here is a complete guide that will help you to choose the correct size shoe for your baby from newborn baby booties to toddlers you can buy baby shoes of apt size with this guide.

  1. Measure the length of the foot from Heel to Toe

The first thing that you need to know is the length of your baby’s feet which can be measured by an inch of tape by keeping it along the length of your baby’s foot and measuring the distance between the heel and biggest toe of the foot.

  1. Always buy an inch bigger than your measurement

Whatsoever size you have taken for the length of the baby foot you have to add one extra inch to it so that you can buy a comfortable pair for your baby when it comes to baby shoes. Before buying baby boy and baby girl shoes online you must check the size of their feet.

  1. Consider the width of the shoes along with the length also

When you are measuring the size of the shoe make sure to measure the width also as some specific brands also help parents to choose shoes according to the length and width of the foot.

  1. The shoes with hard material need to buy one size bigger

If you are buying baby boy shoes 6-9 months and made up of a hard material which should be avoided then always go for a size bigger than the foot length as hard material shoes are not easy to pull in and out in baby feet. 

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