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Tips to Choose the Best Bed Frames

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Quality of sleep is just as important than choosing the right mattress. On average, 26 years of sleep are spent sleeping. For those who spend so many hours in bed, a good sleep system is vital. Your bed frame is what supports your bed. You should choose the best bed frame for your needs.

These top tips will help you choose the right bed frame :

Take a look at the size of your current mattress

Do you already love your mattress? If you don’t intend to keep the mattress, but want to make your bed more comfortable, you can use it as a guide. Your mattress must be the same size as your bed frame in order to ensure a perfect fit. There are many sizes available in many varieties so be sure to know your size.

Take a look at your bedroom size

You have the option of choosing any size if you are purchasing a new mattress and bed. You can select the right size bed for you bedroom by taking into consideration your space. The bed should be 2 to 3 feet from the sides and ends. This will allow you to move around the bedroom freely. Measure the space available and compare it to the dimensions of a standard bed. The headboard and bed frame can increase the size of the mattress by an inch. To narrow down your choices, you will need to choose the size of bed frame that you prefer.

Select the type of support you require

Support is essential for mattresses. Your mattress could wear prematurely and sag without support. You have two options: platform beds or box springs for support.

If you select a platform bed, it will provide support for your mattress. You don’t need a box spring to use it. Platform beds are usually lower than traditional box spring beds.

Compare Separate Frames vs Integrated Frames

The freestanding bed frame is a simple design that does not require additional features. You can pair it with a headboard to create the look you desire.

A complete bed can include the frame, headboard and footboard. This gives you a more finished look. Side rails are added to this frame, which can add more decorative elements. Some options can be made from wood, and come in a variety of clear, stained, or painted finishes. You can also choose upholstered designs that run along side rails. The side rails hold the support slats in place and keep them from moving underneath the bed.

Choose the Height

The height of your bed frame is another thing you should consider. The bed height should be chosen based on your comfort level. Higher mattresses are more comfortable for people with mobility problems.

For those who prefer to sleep low, a platform bed is the best choice. A low-profile frame is another option. If you require it, you can opt for a taller bed frame. Some beds can be made to fit your needs. You can also select a single-bed frame.

Assess the legs

The base of the bed frame is important for the health of your floors. The bed frame should be measured from the ground. Are there any floor protections, such as covers or glides? Legs can scratch or snag hardwood floors if they don’t.

Many bed frames have wheels at the bottom of their legs. It makes it easy for you to move your bed. Once you have found the ideal spot, lock the legs to keep your bed in place.

Compare Materials

You can make bed frames from either wood or metal. Both are excellent options. It’s how it looks that makes the difference. Consider which option is best for your space.

It is important to choose the right material. Solid hardwood is stronger and more durable than a wooden frame made from poor quality materials. To ensure a high-quality mattress, make sure to inspect the joinery and hardware. A bed frame made of weak or flimsy metal may have a tendency to bend easily, but not hold up under heavyweight. They can also be very loud.

Take a look at the support system.

Your mattress is the bed frame’s primary purpose. It is therefore important that the slats of your bed frame are strong. It shouldn’t bend easily. An A-frame made of weak slats won’t give your mattress the support that it needs and could cause it to break. Beech and poplar are made from hardwood slats. Consider the spacing between slats. The overall system might not be as strong if there are not enough slats. To increase strength, bed frames might include central support legs. This is especially useful for larger beds.

Bottom line

You should consider the design of your bed frame. Exposed siderails are one example. When choosing a design for your bedroom, you should consider the overall design. Modern bedrooms will benefit from a simple, modern design. For a more traditional bedroom, a wooden frame with elaborate details and ornate design might be a better option. To achieve rustic look, you might choose an aged-finish wooden frame.

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