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Tips For Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency

by avita

At this point, you’ve probably already recognized the actual fact which you are required external help in filling a job vacancy. Your HR team is busy juggling multiple tasks at the same time, nevertheless, you need to source individuals for a certain position as soon as possible.

Time is of the essence, specifically for businesses! You can’t fully function when you lack a member, in the end. You should not panic because that’s where recruitment agencies come in. You have dedicated staff to work with you in your hiring efforts from commence to finish. They’ll see to it that they successfully facilitate this important talent acquisition process.

In a nutshell, it is a firm that acts as a medium between employers and employees. They may be external recruiters that use various companies and businesses to help them source, screen, and successfully hire prospects fit for the corporation and, of course, the positioning.

They are perfect to get in touch with, your in-house recruiters are occupied and don’t have enough time to procure top talents. That is the to do because such organizations do their finest in searching for the right candidates. After all, they only find the commission once their suggested prospect is onboarded.

This allows you to avoid bad hires and the ones with low stick rates, which proves truly beneficial in of overall ROI.

The newly launched Flink Recruitment Platform and its brand new website is set to revolutionize the traditional recruitment sector in South Africa.

Flink Recruit was conceptualized in 2021 with the aim of automating recruitment and turning the industry on its head. This unique recruitment platform relies on disruptive innovation to result in high-speed quality recruitment. Quite simply, it shows the promise of being a game-changer in the industry while not only simplifying the search for candidates but also enhancing the quality of identified candidates for the benefit of employers.

Flink Recruitment Platform South Africa has a lot to offer companies – “FlinkCo’s”, as they can now directly and instantly access a wide pool of the best talent. The platform offers full-cycle recruitment from shortlisting, verifying, interviewing and ranking through Psychometric assessments and reference checks of all candidates. Candidates – “Flinkers”, on the other hand, get the opportunity to showcase their true talents and skills to make their way to purposeful and rewarding careers. Thus through digitization, unique algorithms, and artificial intelligence, the platform optimizes search results and the recruitment process.

Why work with a recruitment agency?
To encapsulate the point above, here are 3 significant reasons why you need to work with a recruitment agency.
1. It in the end saves time for the company
Dedicated recruiters will see the right individual for the role as proficiently and effectively as possible through their broad network and resume database. Apart from sourcing, they’ll also handle almost all of enough time consuming facets of the recruiting process like screening, initial interviewing, etc.

Additionally, you can also reduce cost in some areas like job adverts posting, overtime cost, training cost, plus more.

2. It helps you reach top talents
With their undivided attention and better sourcing capacity, they take extra measures to source individuals across multiple platforms and screen them thoroughly.

Be it via phone interviews, assessment tests, while others, they ensure that only the ones that would be acceptable for your company would go through. They may weed out those who find themselves not the right fit in support of proceed with qualified people that can adapt to your organization’s goals and objectives.

Plus, to it to the previous point, they can use the saved time to ensure quality prospects are screened properly and without rush.

3. It helps recruiting talents in popular verticals
Oftentimes, people work with recruitment agencies to get assistance for hard-to-fill positions. It may well not be considered a matter of time restraint, but rather the fierce competition over certain positions.

This goes especially for senior level positions or popular fields like technology, digital, marketing, hospitality, etc. A great deal of companies are fighting over the best of the greatest, and it takes great skills to achieve this.

Recruiters of such recruitment agencies are trained to negotiate well and convince prospects to be onboard. Their accrued experience in the problem helps them improve each time, as well.

Tips on Selecting the Right Recruiting Agency
1. Narrow down your explore the ones that fit your criteria
This is arguably the most most important step of all and would help you on the succeeding parts down the road.

First and foremost, which kind of recruitment agency do you really need? If it’s a momentary or contractual worker, a staffing agency is a good option. How about top-level executives? Headhunting agencies are best for the reason that area.

If you’re looking for full-time employees, then the traditional recruiting firm is what you ought to seek out. You have to remember that there are niche agencies, too. Instead of general ones, this recruiter agency provides the edge to find very skilled talents who truly concentrate on their fields. Why? Because they understand the talent gaps on the market and help fill positions faster by giving applicants best fitted to such specialty roles.

We wrote about different types of recruitment agencies at length here. Have a read to find an improved understanding.

2. Clearly describe your hiring needs
The second step in selecting the perfect recruitment agency for your business is to elaborate on what your company needs. It is best if you are as clear as possible about this so that they have a clear idea of what type of talent that you need.

Plan before contacting them. Should you fill just one position? Or are there a lot? What role are you trying to fill? Could it be a everlasting or momentary job? Is it entry or management level? The type of prior experience are you looking them to have?

3. Interview the Recruitment Agency
Don’t be shy to interview the recruiting agency like they will be the applicant themselves. Within the second step, you took the time for them to get to know your company. Now, it’s your utilize probe more about them.

You can ask the following questions:

How long has the agency been running?
Who are you working for so far?
How long does it take you to find the right talent?
What is your hiring process?
All of these will give you an immediate impression of whether they are equipped for meeting your needs. Think about such queries and dig deeper to their background. This can reveal how prepared and professional these are, as well.

4. See how the recruiters work
Asking about the agency is a very important factor, but finding out how their recruiters work is another.

The fourth step in choosing the best recruitment agency is checking the knowledge of the staff. There are plenty of ways where you can start this.

You can talk to them directly and have what their methods are. What do they do to pre-screen candidates? Could it be personally or is it conducted online or via phone?

You can also ask how they source candidates. Seeking actively on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and more receive. This is effective because you know that there are individuals there lofineing for employment. However, do not forget that they only represent some of the talent market.

A good recruiter knows that we now have more passive prospects on the planet (70% as told by LinkedIn!), and they can bring higher ROI than active candidates. They have got more experience and they’re what you can say “in demand” in a way.

The challenge is they are not really buying a new job, but are considering hearing more about other opportunities elsewhere. If the recruiter is capable, he/she can convince those to move eventually. Be sure to keep in mind this!

You can also check testimonials and feedback on the internet. For certain, you will see reviews by clients stating their thoughts on working together with them.

They are movers of the firm. They should be strategic and persuasive enough to convince talent to become listed on your company.

5. Ensure it’s within budget
This probably is a no-brainer for businesses, but it’s still important to highlight. Once you feel that they tick the aforementioned criteria, then check when you can afford their services.

This is a step to consider. You’re already well-assured they are competent to provide you with high-quality talents, but it’s simply a matter of discussing numbers.

Talk to your hiring team and superiors relating to this. Could it be worth it? Is it still within budget? How badly do you need to fill the position? This can influence your decision.

Alternatively, you can look at the prices of their services beforehand. Some may argue it’s a waste of time to access know a recruitment agency and their recruiters, then learning they are simply way too expensive.

You can get such information listed on their website or via online reviews. You can even contact them directly and get this firsthand. Inquire about their services, and conditions, and, again, pricing.

Here’s a little backgrounder to provide more insights about the expense of working with recruitment agencies.

According to Deloitte, the common cost per hire is $4,000. It really is lower or more, with regards to the role and exactly how you go about your recruiting processes.

Generally, Undercover Recruiter said that they charge 15% to 25% of the possible employee’s first-year salary. However, it can go as high as 50% if it’s a hard-to-fill role or if it’s a top-level position. That’s that they calculate it.

Don’t forget to look at the bigger picture. Although it may seem to be costly to begin with, think about the return over time. As HR practitioners, we assume that every single employee is an investment. You think about how precisely they can donate to the organization and you will base potential cash in on there.

It’s a tricky dilemma that will make or break your business. Don’t take this lightly!

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