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Things to do after getting fired from your job

Things to do after getting fired from your job

by KiranMakhija

Getting fired from the job can be a daunting experience which results in a change and requires immediate action. If you have been fired from a job due to personal reasons or company lay off, there are few things you can do to recover from it completely. 


In this blog post, we will tell you a few steps on how to recover after being fired and how to reduce the unemployment gap. 


1. Ask for a reason of termination

When you hear the news of being fired, ask your employer the reason for firing you. Because this is a sensitive matter, tackle it gracefully and ask the reason calmly. You can ask the question in a manner like This is disappointing news. Can you give me context of the situation? Or you can ask, I regret leaving the company this way. Can you give me the reasons for such a decision? 

If you know the reason why you have been fired, you can focus on areas of improvement. If this is a performance reason, you can identify what and how you will improve this. If this is not a reason for performance, you can immediately start looking for other job opportunities. 


2. Leave the company on good terms

If you have been fired for any reason from your company, try to leave the company on good terms. There are chances that your future employer asks for a reference from your previous employer and you would want a positive review. Make sure you thank them for a good time you spent at the company and peacefully complete all the procedures of leaving the organization. 


3. Reflect and self care

Being fired from a job may create stress. So take some time to de-stress and reflect on where you are currently and where you want to go in future. Think about what are your strengths, weaknesses, how can you improve them, what did you enjoy about the job, what you didn’t enjoy and what job roles or industries you might be interested in the future.

It is important to roll out your resumes, apply for new jobs and give interviews but it is equally important to take breaks and invest your time in self care like walking, reading books, talking to loved ones etc. 


4. Keep your resume updated

If you have been employed for a few years now, It is time to update your resume and create a new one. Mention about the skills, experiences and knowledge gained in the job. You can check the resume templates online for free. 


5. Search for new jobs

After your resume is updated, it’s time now to apply for jobs. If you want to continue in the same industry, apply for positions that require the skills and experience you have. 

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6. Improve Skills

If you are looking for jobs, it’s important to have soft and hard skills. You can do a short course and learn it. Look for what skills are relevant in your industry and study them. 


7. Practice Interview Conversation

You should practice for interviews so take time for that. You can ask your friends and family to practice for interviews with you. Research about the company, their services and products and what kind of tasks you might be asked to perform. 

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