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Things to Consider Before Living in a Retirement Village

by DarahAlbesa
A retired couple walking around exploring retirement villages in Papamoa.

After decades of working full-time to provide for yourself and your family, you’ve finally retired! What’s the next step? You’re probably wondering how and where you’d like to retire in New Zealand. Maybe you want a change of scenery? Retirement villages in Papamoa can offer just that. In New Zealand, you can choose from hundreds of retirement villages, but if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy NZ nature at its finest, Papamoa is the place to be. As the largest residential suburb in Tauranga, residents can enjoy Papamoa’s refreshing landscape, pristine beaches, and walking tracks while also having easy access to the best shopping and dining locations in the area. Residents can feel like they are on holiday all year round in this beautiful setting.

Planning to move out of the family home and into a lifestyle retirement community? Below we explore a few crucial questions you should ask before settling into a Papamoa lifestyle village.


Where is the village located?

The location of your prospective retirement village is of utmost importance. Check where the nearest medical facilities are, what shops are nearby, and what social activities are within the area. You should also find out if the location is easily accessible for you and visiting family and friends.


Does living in a retirement village suit your lifestyle?

When looking for a retirement village, you should evaluate your lifestyle. Have you always fancied yourself an outdoors person? Some retirement villages in Papamoa are within easy walking distance of nearby beaches where you can fish, take a stroll, and play outdoor sports. List down possible things you want to do and try in your retirement. From there, you’ll have a blueprint of where to settle.


What facilities and amenities do they have?

Being particular about the facilities of a retirement village goes a long way. After all, you’ll spend most of your days in the place. If you love taking a swim, a swimming pool should be non-negotiable. Aside from accommodating your lifestyle, the facilities should be accessible to you. Look into the services they offer residents and see if they benefit you.


How’s the community?

Living in a safe and supportive neighbourhood is essential for your mental wellbeing. If you value interpersonal relationships, take the time to know some of the residents before moving in. You can initiate this by opting for a private tour around the retirement village. Residents can tell you from experience what it’s like to live in your prospective retirement village.

You can also gauge whether you’ll continue to enjoy interacting with them and the staff. After all, it’s crucial to feel like you belong in the community. You can even have a family member accompany you on the village tour.


Seek financial and legal advice before signing anything

It’s easy to overlook the fine print in contracts with lengthy text. Don’t sign anything without fully understanding the contract’s content. The best way to prevent future mishaps to your disadvantage is to get financial and legal advice from professionals. This way, they can give you a rundown of what to expect, what fees you have to pay, and other clauses.

Living in a new property means paying various fees periodically. Financial advice will help you understand the underlying costs beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be meticulous about your future retirement village. It’s proper to evaluate if a retirement village is for you. After picking one of the best retirement villages in Papamoa, you can settle in and enjoy what the suburban beach life can offer. You’ve earned this!

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