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There will be 20 way promote YouTube music video.

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When you think of YouTube, you might immediately think of text-based status updates, similar to how you might think of Instagram for photographs and YouTube for videos. YouTube, on the other hand, has come a long way. According to Promote YouTube music video data, you should employ video ads to develop your business more. Learn the best Promote YouTube music video statistics that will help you stand out in 2022 by reading the following article.

YouTube Video Statistics in General

Keep up with the latest Promote YouTube music video trends and statistics to help you improve your company’s online visibility. Knowing the figures aids in the planning and modification of marketing initiatives, such as YouTube video advertisements. Here are some YouTube music video statistics to keep an eye on.

1.YouTube video views have surpassed 4 billion per day

Every day, YouTube videos receive over 4 billion views. When you consider that videos were not even YouTube’s major focus, this is already a competitive amount when compared to the 5 billion average daily views on YouTube.

2.When compared to photos, YouTube video clicks are 59.3 percent greater

Organic traffic is an advantage of advertising on YouTube. Promote YouTube music video advertisements may greatly boost organic reach. When compared to photos, videos get 59.3 percent more clicks. So, rather than relying solely on photographs to enhance internet traffic, consider experimenting with YouTube video ads.

3.Approximately 500 million users peruse YouTube videos on a daily basis

This is yet another astounding figure, as it exceeds YouTube’s daily average user base, which was once the major platform for video content. Given that 500 million people use YouTube to watch videos, you can use videos to reach a worldwide audience.

4. A live broadcast is one out of every five YouTube videos

YouTube Live allows your audience to share in the joy and excitement of watching recordings of live events. According to YouTube live statistics, these live videos account for roughly 20% of all video content on the platform.https://www.nativesnewsonline.com/

5.Mobile devices account for 98 percent of all YouTube video views

According to statistics, 98 percent of YouTube users access the platform via their mobile devices. As a result, mobile video viewing appear to be on the rise. This means that you, as a marketer or business owner, should priorities making your YouTube video advertisements mobile-friendly.

Statistics on YouTube Video Business

You should study vital YouTube video business data in addition to basic statistics so that you can apply them to your advertising and other marketing techniques on your social media CRM platform. Here are the most important statistics and trends.

6. YouTube global video ad revenue is expected to reach $9.6 billion in 2021

YouTube’s video advertising income in 2015 was barely $674 million. With $4.4 billion in ad income in 2018, it surged sevenfold. With over $10 billion in revenue predicted in 2021, these rising statistics are likely to continue.

7.In the United States, 83 percent of marketers believe YouTube video ads can increase sales

In terms of engagement (86 percent), driving views (87 percent), and purchases, US marketers are confidence in YouTube video ads (83 percent ). Meanwhile, YouTube has lower rates for interaction, generating views, and transactions, with 81 percent, 84 percent, and 79 percent, respectively.

8.Mobile-optimized YouTube videos enhance brand recognition by up to 67 percent

According to these YuoTube video marketing statistics, you should create video content that is optimized for mobile consumption. Adjust the length of your ad to create stunning, mobile-optimized YouTube videos. Make an effort to grab your audience’s attention within the first few seconds.

9. Consumers think YouTube video advertising are relevant in 71% of cases

YouTube’s ad targeting has improved dramatically over the years, providing viewers with more relevant material. As more people watch YouTube videos, more ads with better targeting will be available to them. As a result, the return on investment (ROI) on these commercials will continue to rise, which is critical for small business owners.

Statistics on YouTube Users’ Activities

Understanding the activities of YouTube users allows you to simply personalize your adverts to what they respond to. Based on the data, below are some of their most common habits.

10. Eighty-five percent of YouTube users watch videos without sound

According to YouTube video data, 85 percent of viewers watch videos without sound. It may seem counterintuitive, but given that most people surf the platform while doing other things, it makes sense. As a result, make sure your YouTube video ads are optimized for silent watching. While watching your ad, viewers should have the choice of turning on or off the sound, and captions should be enabled by default.

11.YouTube users like video advertising that are less than 15 seconds long

YouTube video advertising should be roughly 15 seconds in duration. Only include the most pertinent information that successfully communicates your message and encourages your audience to take action. Front-loading your ad with dynamic, eye-catching images is an excellent idea. YouTube Video Sizes: Sizes to Use for Your Videos on YouTube.

12.Videos are watched five times longer on YouTube than static posts

Videos are far more appealing to YouTube users than other forms of posts. This is one of the reasons why YouTube live is becoming more popular. As a result, you may concentrate more on YouTube video advertisements to boost engagement.

13.After learning about a product or service in Stories, 62 percent of YouTube users become more interested in it

According to the facts above, leveraging YouTube stories can help you develop your business by increasing brand awareness as well as purchasing intent. Using YouTube to create a chatbot can assist you in converting these interested viewers into consumers. Pre-purchase issues are quickly addressed by these chatbots, eliminating the need to wait for customer support professionals.

Knowing what types of videos your viewers enjoy can help you refocus your efforts when creating adverts on YouTube. Here are a few of the most popular trends.

14. People watch YouTube Live videos three times longer than they do recorded videos

These figures suggest that users prefer to view live streaming as they happen rather than watching recorded videos. In addition, YouTube Live videos receive six times the number of interactions as regular videos.

15.On YouTube, vertical videos can garner up to 79 percent more views

When it comes to engagement and completion rate, vertical films outperform landscape videos. This could be due to the fact that the majority of YouTube users access their accounts via mobile devices. Create a grid to display several angles or multiple products at the same time to maximize these stats. Customers will have a better viewing experience if you use animations and overlays.

16.The first three seconds of a YouTube video ad account for 47% of the campaign’s overall value

The figures above show that even if your viewers don’t watch the entire commercial, you’ll see an improvement in brand knowledge, recall, and purchasing intent. Marketers like you should look beyond view counts to determine the whole campaign value.

17. YouTube video ads that go longer than 15 seconds have a greater abandon rate than those that are shorter

Viewers, according to YouTube have a limited tolerance for protracted advertisements. As a result, the length of in-stream ads has been reduced to 15 seconds. Advertisements are also included into videos that are at least three minutes long.

Performance Statistics for YouTube Videos

You can use YouTube video performance analytics to figure out how to make more money from your ads. Take a look at some of the figures below.

18.Captions in YouTube video advertising improve watch time by at least 12 percent

Because many commercials are played without sound, YouTube users glance at subtitles. Including these captions can boost viewing time by up to 12%. To assist you create great captions, you can start by using the platform’s built-in captions or Wave. Video’s robust automatic captioning engine.

19.TV commercials are 20 times more expensive than YouTube ads

While TV advertisements are still one of the most popular ways to advertise, figures reveal that marketers spend 20 times more on TV ads than they do on YouTube video ads. Surprisingly, TV advertising reach twice as many people as YouTube video ads. Take advantage of YouTube video ads if you want to spend less while still reaching a larger audience.

20.CTAs in the midst of videos have a conversion rate of 16.95 percent

The average conversion rate for CTAs in the middle of a video is 16.95 percent. Conversion rates for pre-roll and post-roll CTASs are only 3.15 percent and 10.98 percent, respectively. Place your CTAs in the middle, based on these figures.


According to YouTube video data, the platform is a market leader in video advertising, competing with YouTube and television. Knowing these YouTube video marketing statistics provides you a leg up on the competition when it comes to expanding your brand. More company statistics and trends can be found on our website.


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