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The Worst Demons of Judeo-Christian Culture

by Ashish123

In the world, God created the heavens and the earth on the second day, and on the very same day God created the angel’s archangels and shared of them and these heavenly creatures would inhabit the heavens the renowned Gabriel and Michael also known as the black demon osrs were among these magnificent beings.

But there was yet another entity who stood out due to his beauty and splendor known as Lucifer. He was the most important creature god ever created but although he had so many qualities or perhaps due to that.

Lucifer was taken by price. This is the vice that leads to arrogance vanity and endless heartedness. Price was one of the 7 deadly sins.

The proud Lucifer considered himself to be so perfect that he decided to create his own throw placed even above god since he wished to be like god.

The evil angel

To accomplish this plan the evil angel deceived the other angels around him. Therefore the father of full service had by his side of the angelic beings who inhabit the habits.

To gather they would unleash a battle for heaven. But Lucifer encountered an outstanding opponent archangel Michael who, ended the heavenly militia of god-loving angels.

To defeat the lord’s angels Lucifer turned himself into a mighty dragon and dueled against Michael who wielded a flaming sword notwithstanding all his might the dragon did not defeat Michael since the latter had god by his side.

Lucifer and his evil angels have been banished from heaven these angels fell on the earth and we’re trapped in hell.

But Lucifer indoor even greater punishment she wants the most beautiful angel was transformed into the heinous. Also, Check- demon names

Lucifer and his fallen angel started to live in hell but although defeated Satan still wanted to avenge himself against his creator and decided to attack his greatest creation humanity itself which had been created in the image and likeness of God.

A serpent-shaped entered the garden of Eden and convince the innocent to taste the forbidden fruit using his deceitful tongue Lucifer concatenated the original sin which caused Adam and Eve to be driven out of paradise.

After that Satan would devote all his efforts to make man from god turning them into sooner so that they failed to reach paradise.

Lucifer the fallen angel

Lucifer the fallen angel rejected god’s grace and therefore will spend eternity trying to destroy his work. We all have heard of Adam and eve who according to the Bible with the first couple of human beings created by god.

But an ancient Jewish missed contest that eve was the first woman this misty stats before eve there was another woman Louis.

Unlike you who came from Adam’s rib Lilith a merge from Klay along with Adam since she was created by God in the same way as Adam Lewis did not submit to your husbands, and because she thought she was equal to him.

I did not accept Adams’s domination Lilith and Adam inhabited the Garden of Eden, hello this rebellion put her in a situation where she was forced to choose between submitting to her husband or leaving the garden of Eden.

Louis was not willing to give up her independence therefore she opted to leave Adam and the garden of Eden behind.

The first woman

The first woman ever created went into exile and settled herself near the Red Sea god sent angels in an attempt to convince Lewis to return to the garden of Eden but she turned her back on god without his wife Adam started to feel lonely god seeing that he was struggling with loneliness decide to create a new woman for him he.

Due to her decision to reject the creator, Lois was demonized Jews are now considered a woman sheep’s demon. In her demonic shape, she would have the power to instigate disease in newborn children and to protect children from evil the babies were given amulets with the names of the angels who try to take a little bit back to eat it these stories are firm that Lilith was jealous of the happy life Adam and eve let in paradise and as an act of revenge she assumed the shape of a serpent and tricked eve forcing her and Adam to taste the forbidden fruit which caused the couple to be expelled from the paradise.

Well the story is quite well known yet this version is not present in the Christian Bible and it is rejected by both Catholics and Protestants. The version in which she would have been Adam’s first wife is found in the server alphabet text.

The date of the writings is unknown but it is believed that they were treated already in the medieval era the myth of Lilith is found in Hebrew Babylonian Sumerian and Assyrian mythology the figure of the list in Mesopotamia was seen as an evil deity or when associated with the mood she was regarded as a goddess with different phases and there for different moods that way she could be seen as the fertility goddess but also as a devilish figure.

Canonical books

There are theories that state that Lula’s absence from the Bible was created during the council’s that defined the canonical books that would constitute the Bible as we know it today the figure of Lewis as an independent and strong woman will go against the patriarchal structure one of the cornerstones of the Judeo Christian culture, for this reason, Louis was embraced by the feminist movement she is often regarded as the first feminist movement claims that Lewis was unfairly demonized like most women in our history of attempted to defy the patriarchy whether as a demonic figure or as a symbol of women struggle with that story is still the subject of much interest.

The Bible prophesies is that a sinister figure will emerge when the end times approach this evil being will be known as the anti-Christ he will be the opponents of Jesus Christ when the latter finally returns the anti-Christ is the son of seats in N.

Like Christ will come into the world from the womb of a woman. This being half a man has to double well-disguised himself among men waiting for the final judgments in the beginning.

It will be difficult to identify the son of the devil because he will not give any indication of his origin much less of his intentions his strength will become even greater.

When men believe less in the forces of Satan after all when God says in the exes I am who I am the anti-crisis I am who I am not to find the anti-Christ among men based on signs of evil will be a fruitless search after all the son of Satan is capable of the greatest acts of benevolence.

Only to disguise his ultimate goal to ruin the work of the creator the anti-Christ will use is increasing influence to convince men that the kingdom of god does not exist and that the only existing world is the one in which we live.

The nineties distance of heaven

By the nineties distance of heaven, you will convince those who do not have genuine faith in the creator that hell does not exist either thus without fearing hell man will become an easy target for the devil’s temptations the anti-Christ will become stronger and more influential as the final judgment approaches he will become an important public figure and his words will win millions of souls for the ranks of seats and the son of Satan will proclaim the right to absolute freedom because by denying heaven and hell the idea of good and evil we’ll also be ruined then everything will be allowed.

All the values preached in the Bible will be denied and considered dog was of a corrupt church which with its shackles makes man’s development impossible the anti-Christ will have impressive qualities you’ll be an intellectual genius with great oratory skills and its political ability will make him an unprecedented politician.

A new religion will be born under the end of the anti-Christ this decrease will deny Jesus as the messiah the anti-Christ will the clearance self to be the truth and only messiah.


The opponent of Christ will have the power to rule over all nations I will found a world religion some say that the influence of the devil will reach the throne of Saint Peter in Rome the church itself will be used to destroy the true face like wolves disguised as lambs they will use the words of the lord in a distorted way only in order to keep men away from god.

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